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Chris Lonergan is the President of Footbridge Media.

With a background in web design, print design, and online marketing, Chris is focused on providing quality marketing and business solutions in the construction and service industries - helping small business owners to more efficiently manage their company and grow their operations.

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Why Customer Reviews Matter – An Infographic

reviews matter man with clip board

Most small businesses understand that customer reviews are a major component of maintaining an online marketing presence and getting new customers. The 2017 BrightLocal Survey helps to put some good math and hard numbers behind this – which helps us to make better decisions and remind us of how absolutely vital customer reviews are to the process.

Let’s go over some of the key findings from this most recent survey and talk about what that means for your contractor business.
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5 Tips To Get Your Holiday Marketing Ready Ahead Of Time

holiday marketing
If you’re like most of us, you simply cannot stand that holiday displays come out earlier every year. But there is a reason why stores sell Christmas trees in September – It is important to get your efforts out ahead of the game. Even though there isn’t a turkey in the oven or snow on the ground yet, you need to get your holiday marketing ready ahead of time – and here are 5 ways that you can do just that.
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Contractor Call-Only PPC: Is It Right For Your Business?

Even if you haven’t run your own paid online marketing in the past, you’re likely aware of common “PayPerClick” elements – like banner ads on website and text ads in search results. You may even know a little bit about those retargeting ads that follow you around the internet. But many contractors and business owners are not aware that Call-Only PayPerClick is an option that should be considered in some specific circumstances.

So What Exactly Is Call-Only PayPerClick?

You can probably guess by context clues exactly what it is. Instead of a display banner or a text based call-to-action that leads to a landing page on your website with a method of capturing a customer’s email address for a lead – call-only PPC ads only appear on smartphones. They feature a much simpler call to action; when users interact with the ad, it loads the phone’s dialer so that a prospective customer can simply tap the dial button and get connected.
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Contractor Reviews: Getting Clients To Commit to Leaving Feedback

a customer leaving a great contractor review
Managing your online marketing presence is much more than getting a website up and running. How people talk about you online shapes your business persona; that’s why getting clients to commit to contractor reviews should be a major part of your marketing efforts.

Good reviews can be cyclical – You get a positive review, you get more customers, they leave more reviews. As contractor review count grows, more potential clients with no previous context about your business will see some great social proof that you can be trusted with their hard-earned money.

Bad reviews or a lack of reviews may send prospective clients to the inbox of your competition.

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What Really Is The Value Of Your Old Contractor Website?

Part of our full service online marketing includes a new contractor website build from the ground up. For new companies, that means a totally new domain name, writing, and photography is required. For companies that already have a contractor website, the idea of getting a new website is sometimes upsetting and off putting. Sometimes, the feedback sounds like…

  • “But I already paid for Wix for 2 years!”
  • “I paid my old web guy $5000 for this site just a few years ago”
  • “I like how it works now, can’t you guys just fix this one?”

So the issue here is really two fold. 1) Why does Footbridge Media need to create a new contractor website, even if you have a pre-existing site and 2) What really is the value of your old contractor website?

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5 Things Your Contractor Website Gets Wrong

five things wrong with your contractor website
Your contractor website is made up of many moving pieces. Any web company can throw up a site for you – but it takes some critical thinking and online marketing expertise to ensure your website is converting prospective users into leads and clients. Let’s go over 5 things that your contractor website gets wrong – and how to fix that.
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Seven Ways To Implement Multi-Touch Marketing

multi-touch marketing
Marketing is a constant endeavor. It’s not just about getting in front of new people – it’s about getting in front of the people repeatedly. Multi-Touch Marketing is about presenting your company’s image and selling the benefits of using your business to prospective customers multiple times.

The “Rule of Seven” is the original multi-touch marketing. The idea is that the more often you get your message in front of a customer, the greater the chance you have on closing a deal. It’s why salespeople don’t take the first no for an answer. It’s why you see or hear the same commercials over and over again.

Your business marketing program should be well-rounded and cover a variety of mediums, with the ultimate goal of hitting multiple potential users in multiple formats.
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You’re In The Marketing Business, Whether You Like It Or Not

You're In The Marketing Business

Running a small business means you have to wear a lot of hats. If you are a sole proprietor or the owner/operator of a small crew, that means you have to do it all. Billing and payroll, training, supply orders, the whole nine yards. And that responsibility extends to how your business is presented to the world.

Don’t want to deal with that whole marketing thing? Too bad. If you operate a small business – then you’re in the marketing business too, whether you like it or not.

A business cannot rely solely on word-of-mouth or a single method of obtaining leads. You need to have a strategy with multiple fronts; and that involves active participation. Marketing can not be a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. If you run a business, you must run a plan to actively market your business – even if you have an online marketing company working with you.
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DIY Contractor Marketing: Should You Do It?

DIY Contractor Marketing
I’m sure that a fair share of your emergency service calls start with “I found how to do this on YouTube, but then something went wrong.” While DIY’s gone wrong are great for your business, in the end – your client is taking a small scale problem and turning it into a bigger (more costly) mistake.

Why does your customer bother to DIY then? Because, to do-it-yourself-ers and DIY weekend warriors, there is a potential cost savings. Instead of paying a professional for their years of experience, it is possible to save a few bucks today. And sometimes, for some specific situations, they can get by.

The same is true for businesses. Thanks to the resources of the internet, there are ways to DIY contractor marketing and your overall business operations. The same potential pitfalls apply, too. Let’s talk about what you should and should not DIY – and some guidelines to help you decide what you should in your particular situation.
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Managing Your Business Social Media Presence: Personal & Work Activity

managing your business social media presence

Thanks to the internet, anything you or your business ever does now has the potential to live forever. Managing your business social media presence means keeping a hold on your personal and business social accounts. It doesn’t matter if you think you deleted it; it’s likely still out there somewhere. Nothing dies on the Internet – and that’s important to remember when your business exists in that same world.
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