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9 Things To Do With The Phone Book You Just Got

9-things-phone-book_blogWell it is that time of the year where homeowners and businesses receive one of the largest paperweights delivered straight to their door. At Footbridge Media, our postman actually offered us two if we wanted them. Reluctantly, we had to take the one. More Information »

5 Reasons Every Contractor Should Send Out Holiday Cards

holiday-cards for contractorsIt is almost that time of year as the holiday season will be here before you know it. After all, marketing to our clients is our core importance in business throughout the year. Touching base with your client base on a regular basis is much better then marketing to a cold list. A simple and cost-effective way of keeping the name of your home improvement business on the top of minds to potential customers is sending seasonal “Holiday Cards” or postcards. More Information »

It’s Time For Fall HVAC Tune-Up Cards

Fall HVAC Tune Up Cards 3

Now is the perfect time to get your fall marketing plan in place – It’s a great time to remind your previous customers and potential new clients about the importance of seasonal heating system maintenance. It may feel early, but remember that preparation is the key to success. Work out the fine details of your marketing plan today and order the appropriate Fall HVAC Tune-Up Cards and direct mail pieces now to be ready to pull the trigger over the coming weeks.

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Fall Is Here & New HVAC Tune Up Cards Are Available

Sending out tune up reminder cards before the winter season is a good tool to generate service calls and remind homeowners about their heating or furnace system. Footbridge Marketing is now offering our HVAC Tune Up Special.

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5 Mistakes Contractors Make With Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to direct mail marketing, contractors make some fundamental mistakes regardless if it is a flyer, door hanger or postcard. Direct Mail Marketing can be a very expensive in regards to marketing returns (1-2% is a positive return). So it is imperative that each marketing piece and campaign is done to perfection. Listed below are 5 common mistakes that contractors are making: More Information »

Top Of Mind Marketing… with Postcards! Have Your Started Yours Yet?

Well, it’s a new year full of new possibilities. Have you planned a marketing strategy to reach out to potential new customers or even touch base with your existing clients yet? No, you say? Tis’ tis’… Now, we all know how busy our daily routine can be and how often we need reminding of things. Why not give those in your service area a friendly nudge to remind them of your available services?

Whether it is an A/C Tune-Up postcard, roof maintenance for the stormy season or electrical safety inspection special, postcards and direct print marketing have a way of reaching people that otherwise may not be reached by technological means. Even in the event that the recipients of your fantastic marketing piece do not call right away, you are engaging in what is known as (top of mind marketing). That simply means, when the A/C crashes or the roof caves in your company (and not your competition) will be in the forefront of their mind. Watch our short video to learn more. More Information »

The Black Eye of Contractor Marketing

It is said that 90% of contractors do not have a retention program.  Meaning, no mailing list of past customers, no email address collection, no seasonal thank you cards or service reminders, just dead silence. Generally, the attitude is “project completed, got paid, on to the next client”. This is what we refer to as the “Black Eye” of contractor marketing. You need to look at retention marketing as investing in the future of your business by staying connected to your past. By staying connected to your “sold” customers, you are holding on to an ever increasing client base that is already sold on calling “You” and not your competition. It is 70% easier to sell to a past customer than it is to close potential new clients.

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Holiday Marketing Piece For Contractors

Yes it is that time of year, and if you haven’t read our piece on holiday marketing, then you better get started soon. Displayed below is a recent holiday marketing piece for remodeling contractors. If you are in need of any holiday marketing solutions please feel free to check out our Holiday Marketing For Contractors site.

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Heating Season Is Coming: Get Your HVAC Tune Up Cards Today

Sending out tune up reminder cards before the winter season is a good tool to generate service calls and remind homeowners about their heating or furnace system. Footbridge Marketing is now offering our HVAC Tune Up Special.

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New Postcard Designs For Contractors

Each month, Footbridge Media Direct Marketing division will be highlighting direct mail designs for contractors. This month we have two that are important for this time of the year.


HVAC tune up cards

If you are looking to customize this card, then visit and order your AC tune up card today. More Information »