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“Go Green” With Springtime Marketing Opportunities

go green springtime marketing

Whether your neck of the woods is starting to warm up or if there’s still snow on the ground, it’s time to get ready for the warm weather season. So even if it still doesn’t feel like Spring, it’s important to prepare your Springtime marketing materials and business plan to be ready to hit the ground running. Get your marketing in gear and “Go Green” to capture the moment!

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Taking Pictures Of Your Work – Capitalizing on Contracting Jobs

taking pictures of your work

When you’re at a customer’s home or business, you’re there to do work – not a photo shoot. But taking pictures of your work and documenting what you do for each job is essential if you want to market your business online.

Why You Should Be Taking Pictures Of Your Work

  1. It signals Google that your website is constantly updating itself, which is good for SEO, branding and marketing. It’s almost like a blog, except it’s much easier because you are already doing this work for money anyway; why not capitalize on your work further down the road?
  2. It widens your footprint on the Internet with consumable content; people love to look at things. Regularly adding collections of 10-20 photos to your website each time you finish a job gives people a reason to become more familiar with your business. Each job should have a page with photos that cover all stages of the job – the before, during, and after photos – accompanied by a description of what happened.
  3. You build a collection of valuable pages on your website which you can strategically share on Facebook, in emails, or with other online audiences. You can use these other channels to promote your work and drive traffic back to your site.
  4. You can use these project pages to instantly answer every customer’s question: “Can I see examples?”

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Why Running A Contractor Business Is Different From Working A Job

why running a contractor business is different from working a job

If you are your own boss in the construction industry, you likely started off in the field, worked your way up, and one day decided to hang your own shingle (roofing pun intended). Whether you’ve operated your own company for 10 years or 10 minutes, it is to remember that running a contractor business is vastly different from working a job.

Running A Contractor Business v Working A Job

  • Business Management – Taxes, People, and Money
  • Jobs Are Day-To-Day, Businesses Look To The Future
  • Businesses Require An Investment: Time or Money

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“Love Your Business” with Valentine’s Day Contractor Marketing

valentine's day contractor marketing

When you are looking ahead and crafting your business marketing plan, it is important to keep seasons and themes in mind. Equally important – it’s vital to stay in front of those timely marketing pieces, so that you will be ready to strike at the appropriate time.

We know that you are busy, so we’ll do our best to keep you ahead of the curve and make sure that you and your company can be at the ready with your marketing materials and strategy. This month, we’re talking Valentine’s Day Contractor Marketing.

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Getting Ready For A Busy Season: A Contractor Marketing Check List

contractor marketing check list
Happy 2017! The holiday season is officially behind us. While all of your prospective clients are recovering from the additional costs associated with gift giving and party having – it’s time to inspect your business and make sure that you are ready to jump when the phones start ringing. Let’s discuss a few simple things to do now to get organized and prepare for a busy year – Here’s a simple contractor marketing check list to make sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running.
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Contractor Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

contractor marketing new year's resolutions 2016_blog

The new year is quickly approaching, and many companies are rethinking their marketing strategies. Are you?

While the holiday season is winding down, people everywhere are thinking about 2017. And what is one of the most commonly practiced ways to ring in the new year? Sure, partying is at the top of the list. But regardless of what you do on the actual eve of the new year, you can count on people all across the nation to be making New Year’s resolutions. The trick is sticking to those plans. Have you prepped your contractor marketing New Year’s resolutions?
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Naughty & Nice List: Where Do Your Contractor Marketing Efforts Fall?

Does your contractor marketing plan put you on the naughty list?
Are you on Santa’s naughty list when it comes to contractor marketing and SEO? While Santa probably doesn’t care what you’re doing with your marketing plan this year, search engines like Google certainly do. So while you’re enjoying the holiday cheer, be sure to take a moment to evaluate your company’s marketing efforts.
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Give Your Clients a Reason to “Shop” with You on Black Friday

Black Friday for ContractorsBlack Friday is quickly approaching, and people everywhere will be going into a shopping frenzy. Take a hint from the biggest retail marketing day of the year by providing your clients with some Black Friday specials. More Information »

5 Reasons Business Owners Should Not Use Personal Emails

5-reasons-no-personal-email_BLOGMany Americans today have their own email accounts, maybe even two or three different accounts. So, why does it matter if you use your personal email to conduct your business? One of the biggest problems with the internet today is anonymity. Anyone can create an email account on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and more. When a person creates one of these email accounts, they can be anyone they want to be and say whatever they want. So, how can your potential clients trust an email from a personal email account? Your best bet is to have an email account that carries your website address. This way when you are sending out your initial contact email, it carries more trust. Having a business email account will promote: Professionalism, Credibility, Brand Awareness, Customization, and Dependability. More Information »

3 Reasons Every Contractor Should Be Using Email Marketing

Email Marketing for ContractorsEmail is an effective way for home improvement contractors to keep in touch with customers and bring in new business. It is a cost-effective solution that gives contractors the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day – their email.

For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of email marketing as well as referral marketing, even more than search engine optimization.

Listed below are just a few reasons that every contractor should add email marketing into their arsenal. More Information »