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Maintain Customer Relationships with 4 Simple Tactics

maintain customer relationshipsIf you’ve run a business for any length of time, you know that finding new customers is difficult. New customer acquisition is more expensive and time consuming than customer retention. It would make sense, then, to maximize on your exposure and try to maintain customer relationships. Unfortunately, we find that many people do not do just that! You could be sitting on a gold mine – but if your existing customer contact information is sitting there collecting dust, you are letting it all go to waste.

Simple Tips to Maintain Customer Relationships

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to maintain customer relationships. Here are four simple ways to keep in touch with your existing client base and take advantage of the time spent capturing those customers and the years of skill development required to WOW those clients.
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Getting To Your Site Is Only The First Step: How Do I Get My Website To Convert

how do I get my website to convert

Search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, social media, email marketing, and print materials can all get prospective clients to your website – but what they do when they get there is a whole other story. Improving your website conversion means having to consider many onsite factors (which ultimately extends to a few offsite factors as well).

How Do I Get My Website To Convert?

Converting website visitors to customers requires that your website’s call to action is clear and that your methods of contact are easy to access. Your website must demonstrate trustworthiness as a business and feature your experience in your industry. In the end, it is a combination of UX and UI (user experience and user interface) that will get visitors converting to customers.

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Bright Idea: Answering Common Questions To Build Your Online Marketing

bright idea answering common questions

If you operate a business, you’re going to get questions. Sometimes you’ll get the same questions over and over again. To your industry, it is everyday stuff – the in’s and out’s of your job. But to a layperson, it’s all brand new. You probably have answered the same question 100 times over. “Why should I use this material?” “Why does it have to be done this way?” “What do you mean it costs that much?”

These questions can be a gold mine for you and your website. Answering common questions as presented by your potential clients lays the groundwork proving that you are an established industry expert – with the know-how and skill set required to get the job done well. Let’s think about a few ways that we can answer your client’s most common questions to build your brand.

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Why You Should Have A Monthly Contractor Email Newsletter

why you should have monthly contractor email newsletter blog

A great marketing tool our clients tend to overlook is our monthly contractor email newsletter. It’s one of those “goldilocks” of marketing – it’s not too overbearing and it’s not too expensive. It’s just the right amount of regular communication with your customer base that keeps your brand and service out there in a cost effective manner. Not to mention, it’s one of those marketing tactics that’s been around since email started. While technology is constantly changing, this is one of those tools you can still count on today to help you out.

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How Do I Get My Contractor Business on the First Page of Google?

contractor business on the first page of Google

“How Do I Get My Contractor Business on the First Page of Google?” – We get asked this question a lot.

The answer is really simple; it takes hard work and cooperation among a group of experienced people with purposefully and uniquely varied skill sets.

Can anybody guarantee your contracting business can remain as the first search result on Google? No. Absolutely not. But if you follow the three guidelines below, keep at it, and communicate with your web team, you can certainly stack the odds in your favor to obtain and retain a top position on Google.
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The Handy Guide To The Contractor Selfie

contractor selfie guide
In a world dominated by Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (and probably some other new social media platform start-up that’s gained popularity since you’ve started reading this blog post) – you can’t not know what a selfie is. While the contractor selfie hashtag is seldom used – as of October 2016, #selfie has been used publically over 270 million times on Instagram alone. While millennials stereotypically take the most selfies, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the game – it’s time to start with your first contractor selfie. If there is one more tool you should add to your truck mounted tool box this year – maybe it should be a selfie stick!

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6 Factors that Contribute to Effective Websites

6-factors-effective-websites_blogThere is a huge difference between having a website that’s just floating out there in the world wide web and creating an effective website that serves your marketing strategy. While there are countless variables that can go into building a website, we’ve boiled it down to a six key factors you should focus on to help you achieve your marketing goals: More Information »

When Preferences Become Marketing Faux Pas

Web design mistakesSo, you’re paying for a website. You want to get the most out of it, right? Plus, you want it to be YOUR website. You have specific ideas in mind from the color scheme to the images and words on each page. And let’s face it – the design is the fun part! Much like decorating a home, it’s your chance to express yourself in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, your personal preferences could be damaging your marketing strategy. More Information »

Contractor Website Design Tip – Choosing Service Areas

choosing-service-areas_blogWhen planning your website and marketing strategy, determining your service area is a crucial aspect of this process. Where do you want to focus your business? Where are your clients located? What areas would you like to target to get more customers? More Information »

Better Marketing with Website Photos & Galleries

better-marketing-photos_blogOne of the easiest ways to help your online marketing efforts is to showcase your work through photos. While content is crucial when it comes to search engine optimization, images also play a big part in boosting your ranking. More than that, having the right amount of photos featured on your website will gain the attention of potential clients. More Information »