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Enhance Your Online Marketing With Social Media

social media marketing for contractorsThere are many different ways of promoting your home improvement business to potential clients. Newspaper ads, radio promotions, and television commercials are some of the popular choices. But promoting your business thru these lines of media can cost a great deal of money. Being a small business owner you need to be crafty and find new ways of getting the attention of your targeted audience. Lucky for you the world of social media is free and an almost countless number of Americans are already plugged into it. You can use social media to promote your website, specials and discounts, recent projects, and reviews of your company. More Information »

4 Quick Tips For Using Social Media


As a home improvement contractor, how are you using social media? Are you even using social media?

Social media gives you another chance to expand your brand’s image in people’s minds. It’s called exposure. If you are an expert home improvement contractor in your field, it provides you with a medium through which to share your expertise with a wider audience. Another facet to this is optimization (regarding search engines). Social media activity allows you, your brand, and your expertise to be indexed, crawled and searchable. The more engagement on your part, the more you will be found. More Information »

5 Ways To Get More Out of Your Contractor Facebook Page

5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Company Facebook

As a social media manager for Footbridge Media, I am constantly asked about easy tips and tricks for success as a contractor on Facebook. While the actual formula is somewhat hard to pin down, there are things that every home improvement contractor should be doing with their company Facebook Page to get the most out of it.

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CASE STUDY: Asheville Plumber Uses Facebook & Charity To Generate Leads


Attaining Facebook likes is no easy proposition, but in light of the fact that Facebook now shows business page posts to an average of only 2% of existing fans, increasing the number of likes is essential in ensuring a sizeable audience giving you a greater chance to generate leads.

To that end, Footbridge Media recently ran a promotion for Four Seasons Plumbing of Asheville, NC, a client and member of our social media program. The promotion was simple – for every like on the client’s Facebook page throughout the month of March, they would donate $1 to the local animal shelter. Keeping track of likes was as easy as noting the numbers at the beginning and end of the month.

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Making Facebook Work for Your Business

We love it

So you have a Facebook page, some likes, you post here and there, but you just aren’t sure how to get traction with your audience to gain more fans and engagement. This pivotal point is where many businesses give up, leaving their Facebook page to “die”. This doesn’t have to be your fate! With a little time and effort your Facebook can become an effective marketing tool to reach more potential customers in your area.

Here are a few tips to help you organize and make the most of your Facebook marketing efforts.

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Facebook Page Changes: What These News Feed Tweaks Mean To You


On Tuesday, Facebook announced further changes to the news feed algorithm  and who sees what. After determining that users react more positively to friend text updates than page text updates, this algorithm change will display more text updates from friends and display less text updates from pages.

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Building Up Your Presence on Pinterest & Boosting Marketing Efforts

Pinterest offers contractors a great outlet for getting more exposure to their portfolio and website. But how do you keep your pins from getting lost in millions of pins being shared day in and day out? Start with great photos and keyword-focused descriptions for your pins. Then, build up your following.

While a large number of followers will improve your web presence, it’s doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal for your Pinterest account. Reaching a wide audience and getting your company’s name out there is great; but repins and getting users to click the links attached to your pins should be what you’re aiming for, as this will generate more traffic to your website and improve your ranking.

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Small Facebook Promotion Yields Big ROI


The Problem: Not Enough Likes and Engagement

If you have a Facebook page but struggle to get organic engagement with your content it might be time to run a Facebook promotion. Such was the case with Best Price Electric of Salem, Massachusetts. With fans hovering in the 40 mark and low engagement, they came to us to get more people interacting with their page.

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4 Reasons Contractors Should Be Using Social Media

4-reasons-contractor-social-mediaI know many home improvement contractors wish to go back to the day where buying the largest ad in the yellow pages was enough to keep their lead flow going. But the days of spending more $$$ to generate more leads is over.

With the aggregation of sites like Houzz, Facebook and Google+, home improvement contractors now, more than ever,  need to be active in their own marketing. Social engagement is imperative when it comes to your online presence.  Simply creating these accounts does not help your online presence. You need to be active on them to ensure that your business is relevant in the social sphere. Listed below are 5 reasons that every home  improvement contractor needs to have an active social media presence today:

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Pinterest & Interior Design: Tips for Remodeling Contractors

Using Pinterest to Improve Ranking & Reach a Wider Audience

Pinterest Tips For Remodelers and Interior Designers

Pinterest is a great social media tool for remodeling contractors looking to reach a wider audience and make a solid representation of their brand in the vast sea of home improvement and interior design resources on the internet. This is highly due to the nature of what users tend to pin. Just a quick glance through some of the most popularly “pinned” items will reveal the top topics tend to be food, fashion, and interior design. While many “pinners” are looking for DIY alternatives to home décor on a budget, this should not hinder contractors from jumping on board. After all, the beauty of Pinterest is its pictures – people love pretty pictures, and remodeling contractors can easily use this to their advantage to boosting website ranking. More Information »