Getting Ready For A Busy Season: A Contractor Marketing Check List

contractor marketing check list
Happy 2017! The holiday season is officially behind us. While all of your prospective clients are recovering from the additional costs associated with gift giving and party having – it’s time to inspect your business and make sure that you are ready to jump when the phones start ringing. Let’s discuss a few simple things to do now to get organized and prepare for a busy year – Here’s a simple contractor marketing check list to make sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Contractor Marketing Check List

Dust Off Your Website & Stay With The Times

contractor marketing check list web site care

I think it’s safe to assume that, if you are reading this – at this point, you’ve figured out that you need a website. But websites are not set-it-and-forget-it contraptions. Unless you’ve got a marketing company keeping tabs, you need to keep a pulse on your website.

We’ve discussed mobile friendliness at great length – From the Google mobile-geddon to mobile first site structure and everything in between. In summary – mobile users (+ Google!) want you to have a mobile friendly website. If you don’t, you’re missing out. Mobile friendly means all kinds of on-the-go device sizes. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet – it is vital to have a site that is easy to use.

Aside from keeping your site up-to-date from a technology standpoint, you need to keep your design in the now too. The web moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around every once and a while – you might miss the changing times. After considering visual design, your site content should also be updated on a regularly. Does your website copyright date still say 2002? Are your reviews still “Coming Soon” even though you’ve been in business for a decade? Keep your site alive by adding content on a regular basis.

Keeping Your Brand Fresh & Alive

contractor marketing check list fresh brand
One website does not a marketing plan make. Your company’s brand should be living and breathing – it should be able to stand on its own, with its own personality and vitality‚Ķ so does it?

Your online marketing presence includes everywhere your brand is mentioned on the web. Most people think of review sites and business listings, like Yelp and Google. This also includes your company’s social sphere – Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the like. With something as simple as a Google Alert or our Reputation Management System, you can keep your eyes on the prize while keeping an ear on the ground.

Your offline marketing presence is how potential clients see your brand in the real world instead of in 1’s and 0’s. From truck wraps and storefront signage to employee uniforms and patches – does your company need a refresh? While it isn’t cheap, presenting your company in the best light possible and overall image crafting for your business is incredibly important.

Getting Your Gear Ready For The New Year

contractor marketing check list get your gear ready
Depending on your industry, your tool and parts cost could be dirt cheap or sky high. You know your business best – be sure to maintain a balance within your tool box and supply stash. Too much and you risk overextending yourself in the short run. Too little or old-and-busted and you aren’t ready to take on the work. Take inventory, review PO histories, and take a look ahead to your growth – make sure you’re ready!

Prepping Your People For Success

contractor marketing check list prep people for success
The growth of your business correlates to the growth of your employees – both in number and in skill. Aside from making sure you have the numbers to adequately handle your expected workload in 2017, it’s time to prepare your staff in body and spirit for a successful year. Besides having the aforementioned gear ready for deployment – your employee’s minds and hearts should also be ready to go. Consider ongoing education efforts to keep your employees on the cutting edge of customer service and trade skills.

Just as a machine works optimally when all of its components are properly and regularly maintained, your business operations and the people who complete the daily work need specific care to work as efficiently as possible. Even simple affirmations and thank you’s for a job well done can do wonders for maintaining a positive work attitude and environment.

Offline Marketing To Round Out Your Plans

contractor marketing check list print marketing prep
Your 2017 contractor marketing check list should also include offline marketing to be a well-rounded attack on all fronts. From the everyday basics (like business cards and invoices) to your home show season marketing materials (like flyers and presentation folders) to your direct mail pieces (like EDDM postcards and flyers) – it’s important to shape your year’s print marketing plan. To avoid buying everything all at once, keep an eye on your stock and plan accordingly to keep your print marketing materials in good order and quantity.

How are you preparing your business for 2017? What have you already checked off of your contractor marketing check list? Let us know in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!


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