marketing program

yesI want to acquire new clients, reduce my expenses, and make more money with a Footbridge Media website filled with, marketing systems, newsletters, comprehensive Service section and your own Rocket Referral Program delivered each month.



  • I understand that I have 90 days to evaluate the website you spend hours designing for me. And if I'm not absolutely thrilled with my site, I get every penny back .

  • I understand that I receive the Rocket Referral Program and all of its valuable tools worth$840.00 FREE of charge .

  • I understand I will have my own personal marketing manager to access my current marketing strategy and implement new ones that are successful.

  • I understand that you will write and distribute quarterly press releases about my company to my local media as well as online distribution services as I need it.

  • I understand that if I choose to cancel after the three month guarantee period for any reason, you'll immediately close my account, and the monthly billing will stop right away!

  • I understand that all I have to pay is $149.00 per month, I will continue to get leads, increase my marketing and have more referrals.

  • I understand that I receive all the guarantees that are provided, including the Fixed-Price Guarantee!

  • I understand that I get free updates, and changes on what I want done and it will be completed within 48 hour time period, no questions asked.



contractor marketing



  • One of our consultants will contact you to walk you through the process and to get an idea of what type of site you will want.

  • You Send Us A Completed Information Packet - Footbridge Media will send you this, once the order is processed to complete. The information packet has questions about your company that will help us define your website. Along with the completed information packet, we will need all of your logos, pictures that you want to use on your site. Both products can be delivered in an electronic format.

  • Consultation - Your assigned marketing consultant will contact you to go over your information packet and gather any other personalized company details for your website content.

  • Website Layout - We will design a 1 page layout of your site within 48 hours of receiving your information packet and logo.

  • Completed Website - Once the layout is approved we will move forward and complete the website. Your website will be live within 2 weeks.

  • Website Live - Once your website is live you can review and make any changes needed to the site.

  • Final Approval - You review your site online as a fully functioning website. Once approved, the site goes live.

  • We will then submit it to all search engines, including any local directories, in order to maximize the most traffic for your company.

  • Each Month your marketing consultant will make any updates that are needed, so that your website remains fresh with any articles, new projects or news. We will also continue to optimize your website, to ensure the best traffic.

  • Once your website is completed, your personal marketing manager will make any changes or additions to your current marketing materials.

  • You will instantly receive the Rocket Referral Program and and continue to receive the newsletter on the 15th of every month.

  • Within 30 Days of your site being live is when we send out the initial press release.