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7 Ways to Grab People With A Postcard

Have If you’re reading this sentence, you’ve just supported the point I’m about to make. Direct mail postcards with numbered headlines offering solutions work! More Information »

How to Make Women More Comfortable

One of the things that women give priority to when choosing to do business, especially repeat business, with an in-home service provider is whether or not they are comfortable letting the service person or salesperson into their home. Letting someone into their home requires a level of faith in that person’s trustworthiness. Once a high level of trust is established, the customer will be more willing to have that person or provider back again because their concerns have been reduced, resulting in repeat business and more referrals. More Information »

What’s Up With Internet Lead Services?

Have you ever wondered what the secret to internet lead service companies? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, lead generation is one of the most lucrative businesses on the Internet, actually 3rd behind pharmaceuticals and pornography. After all, if the lead companies were generating leads as good as they claim, then they would probably be using their own leads to build their own business. More Information »

The Importance of a USP

Your unique selling proposition is a precise statement of why your company is special.

Can you answer the following three questions?

1. What differentiates you and your company from your competitors?

2. Why should I choose to do business with you instead of your competitors?

3. Is contracting with you the clear, inarguably, best choice?

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Five Tips To Make Your Business Card Stand Out!

1 – Use Full Color Printing

In the old days full color printing (4 color printing) was extremely expensive. You could pay over $200 /1000 for high quality full color cards. Prices have dropped and you can now get beautiful full color cards printed for about the same price as a plain two color card. More Information »

Getting Better, Qualified and More Effective Referrals

Like testimonials, contractors live and die by their referrals. For some, it’s the only marketing tool they really use to build their business. The problem, however, is most builders leave it up to their clients to “pass the word around”. They never know if their clients are passing the word around…to whom…and if the potential prospect will act on the referral. More Information »

Content Is King

Whatever you are selling, if it is lawn care services or new home construction, your website better have as much content has possible. This is because the Internet is the information superhighway and most people use it for information of some sort.

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