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Facebook – But Will It Give Me Leads?

ConnectingThe rise of the biggest social network yet can’t be denied. Come on, there was even a major movie created about facebook that was released this past summer. The numbers are out, more than 500 million people worldwide are surfing facebook, writing on walls, sharing links, and hopefully, stumbling onto your site every once in awhile.

Facebook Boosts Traffic

I’ve talked about getting onto social networks a few times, and you’ll hear me speak of it again in the future much more, because these social sites generate traffic. Traffic to your website, traffic to your site that has information about what you do, and maybe even a service that you offer that will be beneficial to them, and more importantly, your site has ways to contact you if they find such a service. Traffic is great. And facebook has shown to be player in boosting traffic to your website. More Information »

2010 Referral Contest Winner

We want to thank Kevin Lawrence of Fresh Coat of Columbus for his constant support of our marketing program, and being the 2010 Referral Rewards Client of The Year. For winning this contest, Fresh Coat of Columbus has received 2 full years of marketing service from Footbridge Media a savings of $3000!!!

What Fresh Coat of Columbus Says About Footbridge Media

kevin lawrence, fresh coat“Footbridge has done wonders for my on-line presence. My business went from the 7th to 8th page to the 1st page after Footbridge took control and created our webpage. I did a lot of research prior to choosing Footbridge Media. Others wanted $1000’s and a long term contract and money up front. I could not have chosen a better outfit to build our on line presence. Bottom line, FB does what they say and they do it at a very affordable price.” Kevin Lawrence, Fresh Coat Columbus More Information »