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Bananas And What They Have To Do With Contractor Marketing!

Direct Mail Marketing for ContractorsOk. This article has nothing to do with bananas. It was more of an inside joke with our employees. But it does not make it any less important for contractors, and contractor marketing. Let me tell you about postcards, and postcard marketing. The postcard can be a very powerful marketing tool for contractors. Many of our clients use them throughout the year. The key is to set up the card to market effectively for you. Concentrate on a specific service or offer and not just your overall company. More Information »

Contractor Marketing To New Homeowners

Marketing to New HomeownersOne market that every contractor should be marketing to is the new homeowner. People who have just built or purchased a new home, are fully aware of the little nuances of their home. They may be new to the area, want to know a local plumber. They may have purchased the house with plans to remodel. Whatever the reason, you should be marketing to this group. More Information »

Footbridge Media Enters into Strategic Partnership With BuyMax Alliance

buymaxFootbridge Media, the leading online marketing firm for home improvement contractors, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with BuyMax Alliance, LLC, the vendor management division of Clockwork Home Services. Clockwork is widely known for their marquee franchise brands as well as its affinity group Success Group International. More Information »

Who Should You Partner With?

The first step to forming a strategic alliance is to define who your “target market” is. Who in your area has tons of clients that most match the description of your ideal client?

Think about the other businesses your clients patronize – and which ones they don’t. For example, a good number of your clients might shop at a nearby golf supply store or moor their boats at local marina.

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The Lost Art of Customer Service

Customer Service marketingThis special article is brought to you by one of Footbridge Media clients, Greg Woods of Lindley Heating & Cooling a professional Indiana HVAC Contractor.


For over thirty years I have dealt with people. First, in the restaurant business as a young man, and then in the technical service business. I spoken with thousands of people in that time and have had to develop a great ability to listen. You see what most people want is to be heard and to know that you are going to resolve the issue. The average client is so jaded from past experiences with customer service they have already decided that they will get nowhere with the first voice on the phone. This is a well deserved fear, because if YOU cannot solve the problem, get out of the way! That’s right, it’s just that simple. FIRST, listen to the client’s complaint. Take notes and only ask questions if you misunderstood the issue. NEVER give any excuse, let me repeat that, NEVER GIVE AN EXCUSE, even if this issue is outside of your ability to resolve at this stage. LISTEN, EMPATHIZE, and APOLOGIZE!!

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Article Marketing For Contractors

Contractor Marketing

One of the things that contractors ask our marketing consultants is what they can do to assist in their online marketing efforts. Since, our company believe’s that “Good Content Rules All“, the best thing for any Footbridge Media client is to do, is to write original articles.

Writing articles helps in a various ways from exposing your company and message to multiple online resources to providing your potential customers and clients as a proven expert in your field. Not only does writing articles provide original content that the search engines love, but having short, 300 word articles on your website will increase your organic traffic tremendously over time. The more you write, the more traffic you will get, thus generating more leads.

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#1 Biggest Mistake Contractors Make

While most companies cite referrals as their most important source of business, ironically, most companies do nothing to stimulate or increase their flow of referrals. They simply sit back and wait for the phone to ring on its own. This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. When running a business, regardless if you are a contractor or not, your client base, is your best base when it comes to marketing. More Information »