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The First Thing in Being A Contractor Is Dependability

Dependability is a rare quality. It is valuable because it is rare. Think of all the times you have been disappointed by lack of dependability, and you will find they are very frequent. I discovered this today when I had a doctor’s appointment, which was scheduled at 10am. When I got there, I waited 45 minutes before a nurse brought me from the waiting room to the patient room and then spent another 30 minutes waiting to actually see the doctor. More Information »

Google Changes and How It Affects Contractors

In the past six months there has been many changes over at Google, including Google Places, Google Panda and their launch of their new social network Google+. As a home improvement contractor managing all these changes can be time consuming and overwhelming, so I just wanted to give some tidbits and updates on what you need to know without having to dredge through all the information you may be hearing.

Google Places: It appears that Google Places is in a constant state of flux. From deleting reviews, to as of today, eliminating descriptions it appears that Google is revamping their Places section to coincide with their new Google+ network, which I will discuss further. They have eliminated third party review snippets that used to exist. Instead there are links to review sites. More Information »