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Facebook Reviews – Are You Using Them?

Facebook Recommendations for ContractorsI believe the most proficient home improvement contractors understand the importance of social media; they are using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. Yet how many home improvement contractors are utilizing and promoting to their clients the Recommendation Feature on Facebook? The reason for this post is because the relationship that Facebook has with Bing, and Bing has with Yahoo. Facebook Recommendations may be a part of their algorithm that would benefit your website and company.

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What Is This Duplicated Content Everyone Is Talking About?

Duplicated ContentOver the past few weeks I have seen conversations about the “Dangers of Duplicated Content”. In order to fear duplicated content, one must understand what it actually means. In the most recent 2011 Google General Rating Guide, they mention that: More Information »

The LOST Contractor

The Lost Service Contractor

Most contractors, techs and sales people are freakin’ suffering out there!  If not suffering, they’re certainly not very happy with the way things are.  How do I come to this conclusion? You and I see it every day in the contracting industry. It manifests itself in the massive amount of turnover we are all suffering through. Employees and owners certainly are not earning the money they daydreamed they would while going through trade school or when they first started their business.

What was once so filled with promise and opportunity is now filled with people who sometimes can barely pay their bills. How ridiculous is that?!

That is why we wrote this e-book which was first released in 2006. This e-book shatters the myths that has been perpetrated on contractors and their employees for decades.  If you are an average Technician or salesperson then I’m sure you know all the myths and excuses that there are to know. But with these myths and excuses you will only achieve average or below average results. More Information »

What Are You Doing To Create Word Of Mouth Referrals?

Word of mouth marketing for contractors

There is no arguing the fact that Word of Mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for any home improvement contractor.

Your contracting business can benefit significantly from positive Word Of Mouth marketing. Good work and craftsmanship is only one aspect of creating Word of Mouth leads, and it is important to understand why your clients are referring you.

Listed below are just a few ideas that can help you increase your Word of Mouth referrals:

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Increase Your Response Rate With These Quick Postcard Tips

postcard marketingPostcards can be an effective and affordable part of your contractor marketing program. So don’t let a lack of writing experience stop you from using them.

Start with your audience. Make a list of the things that might be important to them. Then narrow it down to what you think is the most important element. Use that item for your headline and all throughout your copy. Remember you want to target your potential client base on an emotional level. People are not looking for “bathroom remodeling”, they are looking for “spa-like experience” when it comes to reading direct mail pieces. More Information »

So You Started Blogging: 5 Tips To Make Your Contractor Blog Successful

Blogging for contractorsI have noticed that many of our contractor clients have begun writing their own blog posts. I strongly encourage this, as it helps educate your clients as well as a potential use for search engine optimization. When you are a home improvement contractor, blogging can create what marketers call a “buzz”. Lots of homeowners all around the world are going to be able to access your content. Take the time to avoid publishing anything that might embarrass your company. Proof read, spell check and then proof read again. More Information »