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Google+ Launches Business/Brand Pages – Sign Up Now!!!!

Google+ Business PagesThe long awaited Google+ Pages for businesses and brands was just announced yesterday afternoon. This is VERY exciting news and there are all types of amazing possibilities, as you now have a social media tool for your business that is actually connected with the largest search engine. I have a strong belief that Google+ brand pages will be integrated into your Google Places page, thus effecting over all optimization of your website. I cannot stress the importance of creating your business Google + Page today.

If you are a Footbridge Media client that participates in our Social Media Management program, please DO NOT create the page. Your social media manager will manage this project for you and it will be included into the Social Media Management program. More Information »

It’s That Time Of Year – Holiday Marketing Solutions

Holiday Marketing for ContractorsThe holiday season is soon coming upon us and this is a great time to get your products and services in front of your clients again. After all, marketing to our clients is our core importance in business throughout the year. Touching base with your client base on a regular basis is much better then marketing to a cold list. A simple and cost-effective way of keeping the name of your home improvement business on the top of minds to potential customers is sending seasonal “Holiday Cards” or postcards. This is a great and affordable way to touch base with your client base. Remember, clients may not remember you a year from now, even though you may think you are that great! More Information »

Google Panda and The Dance It is Doing On Your Website

Google PandaThere has been a lot of talk lately on forums and social media about Google’s Panda update and the ongoing changes to their algorithm. Many of our clients have contacted us about how their rankings have jumped or dropped almost on a daily basis.

While many of the discussions do have some validity, there is a lot of confusion on how certain sites are being affected. The main problem is that historically Google’s algorithm changes would occur at most every quarter, but the recent Panda has been almost changing on a weekly basis for the past six months or so. Why is this?

Google has implemented the human element into their own algorithm. A “human quality rater” that reviews and eyeballs hundreds of sites and actually gives them a rating based on criteria supplied by Google. Once this data is compiled, it is fed to the computer-side algorithm and now the computer will repeat the same rating as the human element. More Information »