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5 Things Every Contractor Should Do For 2012

As the last few days of 2011 come upon us, I am hoping that all of our clients as well as readers of our blog are ready for the 2012 season. As owner of a home improvement company, regardless if you are one-man handyman shop or a complete custom home builder, listed below are things you need to complete in order to compete in the 2012 market. More Information »

Why Should You Even Blog?

Contractor BloggingLately we have noticed many of our clients have begun participating on their own blogs as well as other blog sites like Ask-A-Pro. Though I try to encourage our clients to blog/write if possible, I do understand that all contractors may not have the time, skill or desire to write on a regular basis. Please understand, that if you do not have anything important/valuable/pertinent that will benefit your clients and potential clients, then do not even bother posting. Blogging is an informational resource that allows you to share with your clients important information that they are searching for. Do not try to make your posts focus on search engine optimization. Write for your audience, allow Footbridge Media to worry about the SEO part. More Information »

5 Quick Social Media Tips Contractors Should Be Doing

As we continue to provide our social media program, I am always aware of other home improvement contractors who are managing their own social media presence and find it disconcerting on how it is being utilized. Some contractors understand that they “must” use social media, but seem to not understand “how” to use it properly. More Information »