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Footbridge Media Launches Google PPC Management Service

Google Adwords ManagementFor many years now clients have been asking if we knew anyone who can do this for them. Over the years I have recommended a few, but over time I felt uncomfortable, not knowing if my clients were receiving the best ROI and service from these referrals or any other PPC management service. For the past 12 months, our consultants have been beta testing our own Google adwords campaigns with some of our clients, and we believe we now are able to offer this service to our clients with superior results. More Information »

Two Simple Facebook Marketing Tips

If you have friends and supporters of your company that have befriended you on your personal Facebook profile, you most likely have thought on how to get them to move over to your official company page. Here’s just two quick tips on letting them know about your Facebook page. Some of you have already been doing this, but for those that aren’t sure how to get the word out of your Facebook page, this is for you. More Information »

Google+ Now Incorporated Into Search: What Are You Doing?

Google+ Business PagesGoogle is going all-in with social, and you have to wonder how this will affect your home improvement business. In the past few months, I have warned that this day would be coming and have been encouraging our clients to create their own Google+ pages or join our social media management program. Google has deepened its commitment to mix personal content into its algorithmic search results early last year and now is incorporating its own social network to mingle with its algorithmic search results. The new “Search, plus Your World” feature looks through your Google+ profile for relevant things shared with you, things your friends shared, or other relevant pages and profiles, and integrates them into your search results even if they’re privately shared only with you. More Information »

Increasing Social Media Interaction with Contests

Facebook contests for contractorsIn our last blog post we discussed ROI within social media and what to actually use in tracking results in your social media management. Well, we will begin providing you with suggestions on how to encourage interaction which will help with your actual ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to your social media campaigns. One marketing tool is to create contests. Much like a referral program, instituting contests forces integration, interest and participation with your home improvement company. More Information »

2011 Referral Reward Contest Winner Is?

We want to thank Jeremy Swanson of Lazer Electric for his constant support of our marketing program, and being the 2011 Referral Rewards Client of The Year. For winning this contest, Lazer Electric has received 2 full years of marketing service from Footbridge Media a savings of $3000 as well as a 1 year free of our social media management program!!! More Information »

Why Are Contractors So Obsessed With ROI In Social Media?

Return on Investment For ContractorsSince we launched our social media management program, I have been torn about the pricing, management and how to measure the success of the program for our clients. It is easier with our other programs, as I can tell how many leads are getting and what we are doing. This becomes difficult when it comes to social media. Through all my research, I have discovered there is no simple tool to measure ROI (Return on investment).

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