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Google Places Merging With Google+?

Google+ Business PagesWhen I first mentioned the launch of Google+ Pages, I was pretty adamant about having contractors create their own pages and the benefit it would have to the future of their optimization for their website.

As of this morning, it appears that Google may be eliminating the Google Places section and merging it within their Google+ social network. This merge may cause drops for many contractors who currently do not have a Google+ Page or are not managing it correctly. More Information »

How To Get Homeowners Raving About You

Are You A Super Hero ContractorOne of the best ways to homeowners understand what you do is to tell stories about the clients and the home improvement projects you’ve handled in the past. All of your marketing documents and messages should be peppered with client stories as well as photos of projects completed.

But if you want homeowners to talk about you and your company and remember you and send referrals to you, there’s one more story you need to tell: your story.

People Are Fascinated By Home Improvement Contractors

Yes, this is true. Why do you think there are entire networks on home improvement? You are actually living the life that many homeowners want, providing skills and expertise that they only dream of. You are capable of doing things that many, many people are unable to. More Information »

Contractor Blogging: Just Do It!

Blogging for contractorsThe most important quality in a successful home improvement blog is to write good quality content.  And as an owner of a home improvement company, I am going to assume that you are the expert when it comes to the services and products you provide. So the best solution is to simply share some of the expertise with your audience. Yet due to time constraints or “fear of writing”, I see many contractors avoid writing blog posts.

This is where we say, “Just Do It!” You do not have to be a professional writer, or novelist looking to win a Pulitzer.  Simply write what you know in your own voice. Be Yourself. You should always write to help your readers and potential customers. More Information »