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7 Reasons Your Sales Suck

Got Your Attention?

One of the more fun parts of my job is talking to sales and service managers who refuse to admit that the results that their people get on their opportunities do indeed, suck. What do I mean by this statement?

First of all let’s face it, I use that word to get your attention and now that I have it, let me explain. When any frontline service or sales professional in your company does not produce the results needed to pay for all the overhead, benefits, pay, education and everything else needed to cover their fair share of these expenses, then they are “sucking” these valuable resources at the expense of other employees who ARE pulling their own weight.

There is an imbalance at many companies that is created by some of the sales team performing at a high level while others do not. Many perceive this as just a fact of life and refuse to believe that EVERYBODY could achieve profitable numbers and reach their goals. More Information »

New Postcard Designs For Contractors

Each month, Footbridge Media Direct Marketing division will be highlighting direct mail designs for contractors. This month we have two that are important for this time of the year.


HVAC tune up cards

If you are looking to customize this card, then visit www.footbridgemarketing.com and order your AC tune up card today. More Information »

Save $$$ Using QR Codes On Your Next Postcard Mailing

Contractor PostcardsDuring July and August of this year, the USPS will offer a Mobile Barcode Promotion that rewards contractors who use direct mailers  launching campaigns incorporating QR Codes with an upfront 3 percent postage discount on qualifying Standard and First-Class Mail letters, flats or cards. This has brought a lot of questions about QR Codes and how to implement them and ways to use them. More Information »