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Are You Using A Residential Address In Google Places?

As we all know Google is constantly making changes to their Google Places and Location services and trying to merge them into their social network Google+. We have written about it. It has been discussed on forums, and many clients have contacted us about the changes. Right now we suggest not doing anything until the dust settles and Google finalizes their migration. But, there is something that you may have to do TODAY… More Information »

Hello? Hello? Is Anyone There?

Ok, this is partially a rant of mine, and I cannot believe this has to even be a topic that needs to be covered.

The past few days I have noticed a very disconcerting pattern when calling clients as well as my personal experience with contractors. The first example would be from personal use. Recently my wife has gotten on a home improvement kick.  And since I am an admitted moron when it comes to anything that deals with home improvement, I suggest finding a local electrician. Considering that was the first project she wanted to work on.

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