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Introduction to Instagram For Contractors

Instagram For ContractorsThe Instagram photo sharing app for iPhones and Android phones has been around for a few years, but is still considered fairly new in the social networking world. And with the release of the new web profiles for Instagram accounts, I thought it was time to introduce getting started with Instagram for your business.

First, always remember that it’s a mobile app.

Instagram is designed to share photos that have been taken with a camera on your mobile phone. Posting photos to your instagram can only be done from a mobile device that supports it, and there are ways to take photos from a higher quality camera and post them to your instagram account, but it’s advised not to, as people are expecting quick cameraphone shots. More Information »

A Bad Review Is Something You Need Online

Bad Reviews For ContractorsHave you ever searched for a restaurant or hotel online and visited reviews and they were all glowing with no complaints. Do you trust them? Have you ever been to your favorite local hardware store and did not have one criticism? Having a bad review online actually helps you and legitimizes your listings. How you RESPOND to that listing is the importance of a negative review.

We are not all perfect. As your company grows you are going to have unsatisfied customers and you are more likely to have an unsatisfied customer go online and vent, then a happy customer go on to praise you. It makes your company real when you have customers complain. Get used to it. What you do with a negative review is important. Listed below are some suggestions to monitor your reviews and how you should respond to them. More Information »

The Black Eye of Contractor Marketing

It is said that 90% of contractors do not have a retention program.  Meaning, no mailing list of past customers, no email address collection, no seasonal thank you cards or service reminders, just dead silence. Generally, the attitude is “project completed, got paid, on to the next client”. This is what we refer to as the “Black Eye” of contractor marketing. You need to look at retention marketing as investing in the future of your business by staying connected to your past. By staying connected to your “sold” customers, you are holding on to an ever increasing client base that is already sold on calling “You” and not your competition. It is 70% easier to sell to a past customer than it is to close potential new clients.

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