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Google Authorship – Footbridge Media Marketing Minute

authorship-pageWell it’s Friday again, and that means another FBMM as we’re calling them. And this week, we’re talking about Google Authorship.

Setting up Google Authorship on your website or blog can help your Google rankings by giving more credibility to the author of the content on your site. More Information »

Facebook’s Graph Search For Your Business

facebook-graphYesterday, Facebook announced a feature that makes it so much more important than ever to connect with people through your Facebook page. Graph Search is what they’re calling the new feature, and they stated it will be rolled out in the next few days, weeks, or months depending on your account. Get on the wait list here.

Connecting With People Is More Important Than Ever

But the real story here is improvements on how people can find your local business on Facebook via their friends. Facebook is trying to work through their new Graph Search feature for people to be able to type in “Plumbers” or “Dentists” and it will pull up a list of companies that their friends have liked on Facebook. More Information »

Introducing the Footbridge Marketing Minute

Footbridge Media is always looking for new ways to help provide quality marketing services and advice to contractors. That’s why we’ve developed the Footbridge Marketing Minute. The Footbridge Marketing Minute is a weekly video that you can watch to quickly get some contractor marketing tips and tricks. We’ll unveil a new video every Friday, covering a variety of contractor marketing topics.

More Information »

NEW SERVICE: Email Marketing For Contractors

email marketing for contractors
When it comes to staying in front of your clients and potential customers email marketing and newsletter marketing is one of the most affordable ways to maintain a “Top Of Mind Awareness”.

The key to newsletter/email marketing success is that it keeps your name in front of your customers year round. It gives customers a reason to think about your company and refer you to others. And without having to deal with printing and mailing costs, email marketing is something that you can easily implement and send to your clients.

Over the years I have had many clients ask about emailing our Rocket Referral Program, and today we are announcing our Email Marketing Program For Contractors.

Much like the direct mail newsletter we will be designing and sending out a digital version of the newsletter which will provide you all the statistics you need in regards to email marketing management.

Many times potential customers may not make a decision on a home improvement project, with this new program you will be able to be right in front of them on a monthly basis, offering the same benefits of our direct mail newsletter, but with instant call to action to your social media accounts, integration with your website or even click to call for mobile devices.


Sign up today and get 2013 started in the right direction for your marketing.