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Top Of Mind Marketing… with Postcards! Have Your Started Yours Yet?

Well, it’s a new year full of new possibilities. Have you planned a marketing strategy to reach out to potential new customers or even touch base with your existing clients yet? No, you say? Tis’ tis’… Now, we all know how busy our daily routine can be and how often we need reminding of things. Why not give those in your service area a friendly nudge to remind them of your available services?

Whether it is an A/C Tune-Up postcard, roof maintenance for the stormy season or electrical safety inspection special, postcards and direct print marketing have a way of reaching people that otherwise may not be reached by technological means. Even in the event that the recipients of your fantastic marketing piece do not call right away, you are engaging in what is known as (top of mind marketing). That simply means, when the A/C crashes or the roof caves in your company (and not your competition) will be in the forefront of their mind. Watch our short video to learn more. More Information »