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Presentation Folders: Are You Leaving Them Behind?

Contractor Presentation foldersRegardless if you are on a service call, or giving an estimate or consultation, what are you leaving behind when you walk out the door? This article will give you a laundry list of ideas and marketing potential of excellent leave-behinds that you can use for any home improvement contractor, regardless if you are a plumber or home builder.

Besides the bill or estimate that you are leaving with the homeowner here are some ideas that you can use to leave behind. It is even better to keep everything in a presentation folder, so that the homeowner can reference all of your materials. Make sure that the folder is labeled with all of your company information. In most cases they will use the folder to collect all of their project information, leaving another marketing piece in their hands. Also, Always make sure that the bill or estimate is enclosed in your packet. Besides the obvious here are a few things that you should include in your presentation folder: More Information »

Are You Using Referral Cards?

Referral Cards for contractorsEvery home improvement contractor knows that referrals are simply the best way to expose your business to even more customers. Referrals that come from loyal customers are highly recommended, as it is usually easier to make homeowners trust your work and services when a friend recommends it to them.

It is stated that up to 40% of contractors believe that referrals have helped them to reap the most profits compared to other conventional marketing techniques such as direct mail and advertising and even online marketing. However, you will need to adopt a specific technique in order to get as much referrals as possible. One method that you can use, besides a client newsletter, is by using referral cards. Understanding how using referral cards work in your business can effectively increase profits. More Information »

Email Marketing Tips For Contractors

Contractor Email TipsAs more of our clients are using our email marketing program, I just wanted to provide some tips to help increase your lead flow through the email newsletter program. Our designers work to customize a solution but your input is beneficial to the success of the program and will lead to conversions:

1) Personal Photo – Regardless of your marketing, I have always been a strong advocate of personalization with your business. Having a headshot or photo of the owner through all your communication will allow readers to feel friendlier to your marketing message. People respond best to messages written by one particular person at a company who they can get to know over time. This is part of building relationships.

2) Have an Offer – Many of our newsletter content is for the homeowner and does not even cover our client’s services. The reason behind this is to create a trust between the reader and the delivery. Provide homeowners with information they do not want to read. But within each newsletter you should offer them something. A discount, a referral offer, etc.

3) Call To Action – Regardless of the topic of your newsletter you need to have a “call to action”. This can be as simple as sharing or commenting on your social media or providing feedback on your services, or even calling for a free consultation. Have a specific goal for each newsletter you send out and what you expect. This will allow you to track the success of your campaign.

4) Share your Social Media – Having your social media accounts linked to your email newsletter is beneficial for people to instantly share your news with their friends, or move them to your social media directive.

Utilizing the email marketing program is a low cost way to keep “top of mind awareness” with your client basis and generate referrals and repeat customers. But through call to action, personalization and providing an offer will help with your constant marketing plan.

The key to newsletter/email marketing success is that it keeps your name in front of your customers year round. It gives customers a reason to think about your company and refer you to others. And without having to deal with printing and mailing costs, email marketing is something that you can easily implement and send to your clients.

What Are You Doing To Generate Referrals?

Referral Marketing For ContractorsLike customer reviews and testimonials, home improvement contractors live and die on referrals. If you ask contractors on how they generate leads, a majority of them would say “referrals”. But what are they doing to generate them? The problem, however, is most home improvement contractors leave it up to their clients to “spread the word”. They never know if they are actually sharing your company information or simply ignoring your request. More Information »