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A Picture Is Worth More Than 140 Characters: Twitter Adds Image & Video Previews To Feed

Using Photos On Twitter
Recently, Twitter has done some tweaking to the way that users see their tweets. Much like the view in Facebook and Google Plus, all image and video previews now automatically show in your feed, without the need to click or tap on the individual tweet. But why would they make a change like that? And what does that mean for your social media marketing?

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Stealing Ideas: Why You Don’t Need To Look Like Your Competitor


“Can we use the same pictures that they used?”

“XXX Plumbing services the same area and they’ve got lots of business, so I’d like to copy their web site”

“They seem to be pretty busy, so I think we should use dark green like they do”

No. No. and No.

From original designs to current client overhauls, we get lots of questions about making a web site “more like my competitor”. While it is a good idea to keep a wary eye on the other professionals in your service area, replicating their site doesn’t mean you’ll instantly become just as successful.

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What’s In A Name: Personalizing Customer Interactions


“Dear Customer,

We value you as a customer and would to extend a personal thank you for signing up for our services.” …

Do you really value me as a customer? If so, you’d think you’d know my name!

I received an email similar to this a while ago signing up for new Internet services, and was discouraged by the lack of personalization. This message wasn’t meant to be a widely dispersed email like a newsletter or service announcement. It was meant to be a personal welcome, but it clearly failed at engaging me personally.

Of course, I know that the email was an automated response, triggered by an auto responder rule as sent by a heartless, metal machine. But in the era of Big Data, it seems like a simple task to humanize such a cold exchange.

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5 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Website

Online Marketing for Contractors

We have written many times on what client’s should do to maximize their online presence. It always amazes me on how many clients simply ignore our advice. With the constant changes in Google’ algorithm, including their most recent Hummingbird change, there are certain things that every contractor needs to do to keep up-to-date with their website, regardless if they are a Footbridge Media client or they manage their website on their own. Listed below are 5 things clients are doing wrong not only  with their website, but their overall online marketing:

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