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4 Reasons Contractors Should Be Using Social Media

4-reasons-contractor-social-mediaI know many home improvement contractors wish to go back to the day where buying the largest ad in the yellow pages was enough to keep their lead flow going. But the days of spending more $$$ to generate more leads is over.

With the aggregation of sites like Houzz, Facebook and Google+, home improvement contractors now, more than ever,  need to be active in their own marketing. Social engagement is imperative when it comes to your online presence.  Simply creating these accounts does not help your online presence. You need to be active on them to ensure that your business is relevant in the social sphere. Listed below are 5 reasons that every home  improvement contractor needs to have an active social media presence today:

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Pinterest & Interior Design: Tips for Remodeling Contractors

Using Pinterest to Improve Ranking & Reach a Wider Audience

Pinterest Tips For Remodelers and Interior Designers

Pinterest is a great social media tool for remodeling contractors looking to reach a wider audience and make a solid representation of their brand in the vast sea of home improvement and interior design resources on the internet. This is highly due to the nature of what users tend to pin. Just a quick glance through some of the most popularly “pinned” items will reveal the top topics tend to be food, fashion, and interior design. While many “pinners” are looking for DIY alternatives to home décor on a budget, this should not hinder contractors from jumping on board. After all, the beauty of Pinterest is its pictures – people love pretty pictures, and remodeling contractors can easily use this to their advantage to boosting website ranking. More Information »

Google Authorship Guide: Step-By-Step Tutorial For 2013

We’ve talked here before about the perks of Google Authorship, most notability that lovely little image in your Google Search Engine Results page that help to separate your page from the competition and improve your click through rates. Today, we’ll go through a quick step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process.

Guide To Google Authorship 2013

1. Create a new or Sign In To G+ Account

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