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Making Facebook Work for Your Business

We love it

So you have a Facebook page, some likes, you post here and there, but you just aren’t sure how to get traction with your audience to gain more fans and engagement. This pivotal point is where many businesses give up, leaving their Facebook page to “die”. This doesn’t have to be your fate! With a little time and effort your Facebook can become an effective marketing tool to reach more potential customers in your area.

Here are a few tips to help you organize and make the most of your Facebook marketing efforts.

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Are Your Contracting Skills Hurting Your Marketing?

Mass vs Niche Marketing

One of the interesting “side effects” of becoming a contractor is that you learn how to do so many things with your hands. All too often you don’t just learn how to install flooring and then stop there. At some point you pick up how to hang the windows and doors, how to install the roof and even how to build the whole darn house. Building things is a valuable skill and you contractors seem to be teeming with value. At every turn you’ll find a contractor’s website advertising a service such as roofing or deck building in the name, but upon closer inspection you’ll discover that the services don’t end there. You can also get drywall, electrical work and remodeling too.
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Spring is Here: Seasonal Marketing For HVAC & Lawn Care Contractors

spring-marketing-timeToday officially marks the first day of Spring. That means your potential clients will be thinking of warmer thoughts, so it’s time to shift your marketing plans. This year’s late snow season has bought you a little extra time to plan for the season ahead.

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The Process: How We Build Your Website


We usually get quite a few questions from prospective and new customers about our general practices and how we do what we do.

After your order is submitted, a variety of tasks are put into motion, including the assignment of your marketing manager, creation of visual and written content, site launch, and monthly optimization services.

Here’s an infographic to explain our process

Spoiler Alert: We’re never done improving your website! We work on your site’s onsite and offsite content on a monthly basis to continually improve your optimization.

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What Is In A Name? Address? Phone Number?


Thinking about changing your company name? Have you recently moved and now need to update your website? Thinking about adding a tracking number to help you track leads? Well take a step back and be really, really careful about what you are changing. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number and how it relates to your website and the internet does have a strong factor in regards to your own website optimization.

The search engines take into account business ‘citations.’ Citations refer to any reference to your business name and address on other websites, blogs, social media channels, etc. even if this doesn’t include a link back to your website.

Please make sure that your NAP is correct not only on your website but everywhere else on the internet, especially on your Google Places listing. Whatever your Google places listing states in regards to full company name, address and phone number should be the same everywhere else.

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