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CASE STUDY: Asheville Plumber Uses Facebook & Charity To Generate Leads


Attaining Facebook likes is no easy proposition, but in light of the fact that Facebook now shows business page posts to an average of only 2% of existing fans, increasing the number of likes is essential in ensuring a sizeable audience giving you a greater chance to generate leads.

To that end, Footbridge Media recently ran a promotion for Four Seasons Plumbing of Asheville, NC, a client and member of our social media program. The promotion was simple – for every like on the client’s Facebook page throughout the month of March, they would donate $1 to the local animal shelter. Keeping track of likes was as easy as noting the numbers at the beginning and end of the month.

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Making Home Show Marketing Work for You

Home Show Marketing

In the construction and home improvement market, competition is heavy. As you and your rival contractors fight through the noise to reach your audience, you’ll probably find yourself looking at whatever means is affordable to construct a marketing plan. One shimmering beacon of hope is the local home show.

Every season many metropolitan areas are host to a home construction and improvement convention commonly referred to as a “home show”. This is where an auditorium is packed out with booths from various companies promoting everything that has anything to do with the subject. The attendees are typically homeowners that are interested in home improvement.

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