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NAP, Credibility, and Ranking: About Offsite NAP Optimization [Infographic]

Has your business ever changed its address or phone number? Your web site ranking may suffer if your NAP doesn’t match. We’ve talked at length about the importance of your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) and your onsite and offsite optimization. Citations for your business can be found all throughout the world wide web, but we’ve broken it down to three main categories in which you should find most of offsite references to your company.

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4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

When work is slow and leads aren’t rolling in, it’s time to re-assess your marketing campaigns. While there is a TON of science and art behind what makes websites perform, marketing work, and people tick, it’s worth your time to complete a review of your marketing efforts to find any simple fixes. Try to see your promotional efforts through the point of view of a potential client, who doesn’t have the industry knowledge that you have. Whether it’s your website, business cards, flyers, or truck wrap, take a moment to look your marketing with fresh eyes. Here are four reasons your marketing isn’t working.

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Marketing On The Cheap: 3 Low Cost Lead Generating Ideas

Managing the money behind a business is tough. Employees, equipment, and the overhead operational cost of your business has to be met every day before you can pay yourself. So while we know that adding more money to well planned marketing will help to improve your business, it’s hard to part with that extra bit of money when your business is strapped for cash. Marketing is vitally important for growth and sustained business activity. When work is slow, adding to your marketing budget can help get more work. When work is busy, continual marketing allows you to be more selective with your clients, allowing you to choose the best potential clients from your pool of leads.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drop thousands of dollars on a monthly basis for a marketing campaign. If you find yourself on a tight budget, we’ve got three simple marketing and lead generating ideas to get your business going.

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