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6 Contractor Marketing Web Design Mistakes


Your website’s content is carefully planned out, created with useful information that will appeal to people and search engines alike. But getting clients to your site is just the first step. When prospective customers get to your page, it is important to deliver a visually appealing and easy to use web site. Our design team works diligently to deliver a combination of style and science to your site design; This creates a site that looks great, that users will understand, and that will direct people to click and contact you. Occasionally, we get design requests that we flat out recommend against, to make sure that we can deliver the best product possible to generate leads for your business. Here are six samples of common contractor marketing web design mistakes.

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Make It Easy To Understand: Customer Education is Important

Generally speaking, most of your clients are unaccustomed to your industry. All they know is that they want a new kitchen or that they need a new roof. They’re unaware of their roof pitch, local building code, and permit requirements. As a contractor working with the general public, you’re not only a service provider; you are also an educator. By taking time to make sure your client understands a little more of the why and the how of your work ensures open communication and greater customer satisfaction. But is communication your strength? If not, we’ve got a few quick tips for making your craft easy to understand.

Customer Education is Important
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Tolerating Contractors: Making Sure Clients Love Your Work AND Your Customer Service

Clients love what you do, but they don’t love you. They appreciate the quality, the price, and speed of your service, but they just don’t like you or your company’s attitude. Clients that like your work but only tolerate your lack of friendliness or professionalism keep their eyes open for a new vendor that can deliver both quality and service. Sound familiar? If so, we need to fix that.


It’s great that you do good work. But that is only part of operating a business. Contractors who complete quality work at fair prices, but that lack basic customer service skills, find themselves on the edge of always almost losing customers. The problem here is a dual edged sword. You have to be able to put on your customer service game face to keep potential and current clients at ease, but your interactions also must be genuine – A fake smile can be seen from a mile away. Let’s discuss a few points about developing your customer services skills.

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Footbridge Media Office Relocation – Heart of Downtown Pensacola

Footbridge Media continues to grow! We’ve relocated our main offices to a facility in the heart of Downtown Pensacola, Florida. Our staff is already settled in and working hard to grow your online presence and continue bringing new leads to your small business. We’ll be updating our blog and social media networks in the coming days and weeks to show off our new space.

Our new offices are located at 270 N Palafox • Pensacola, FL 32502


Make It Easy: Capturing Payments and Reducing Customer Frustration

After you work so hard to get clients to select your services out of the many contractors available to them on the market, it’s important to not drop the ball anywhere in the customer experience and sales process. One simple pitfall can aggravate your customer and sour an otherwise blooming customer relationship.


Whether it’s taking a deposit upfront for services or the complete payment on a final bill, breaking out the wallet is the most stress inducing part of a customer’s contractor experience. Online, over the phone, or in person – the customer payment process should be as easy as possible.

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