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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Emailing Your Clients

7 Reasons You Should Email Your Clients
If you aren’t emailing your customers, you will lose them to your competitors…..eventually. I know that is a bold statement, but I cannot stress it enough. I also understand why you might disagree. If you provide stellar customer service, quality craftsmanship and build a reputation for completing jobs on time and on budget, why would people leave? More Information »

Feedback Collection Made Easy For Contractors

Feedback Collection Made Easy For Contractors
More Feedback, Leads to More Positive Reviews, Leads to More Referrals…

As the importance of testimonials  and reviews grow in both for your marketing as well as local optimization, getting those feedback reviews can be cumbersome. In this blog we have written a detailed plan that any home improvement contractor can implement.

Much like any marketing system, building your feedback collection system needs to have a step by step process in order to generate reviews which can lead to referrals. In the past we have written about building your list but here is a 3 step system you can use.
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It’s Time For Fall HVAC Tune-Up Cards

Fall HVAC Tune Up Cards 3

Now is the perfect time to get your fall marketing plan in place – It’s a great time to remind your previous customers and potential new clients about the importance of seasonal heating system maintenance. It may feel early, but remember that preparation is the key to success. Work out the fine details of your marketing plan today and order the appropriate Fall HVAC Tune-Up Cards and direct mail pieces now to be ready to pull the trigger over the coming weeks.

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