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KISS Your Contractor Marketing Brand


Your brand, or the overall look and feel of your company, is important to retain top-of-mind awareness, even for smaller companies. By keeping your contractor marketing brand message simple, your message is more memorable and effective.

WARNING: For existing companies, changing your branding shouldn’t be taken lightly from a NAP and optimization perspective. While visual changes like logo design and color scheme are acceptable, changing core parts of your brand, including your domain name, phone number, and business name can adversely affect your company’s web optimization and ranking!

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Big Data and Contractors: Are You Ready?


Powerhouse organizations, like Amazon, have been using customer metrics and data banks of information to customize user services, identify trends, and maximize profits. One company – BuildZoom – is taking big data and contractors to the next level, and you should be concerned if you haven’t been on your best behavior.

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Make It Easy To Contact You: 5 Tips For Better Client Contractor Communication


You invest your time and money into marketing efforts, online and offline, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best value for your advertising dollar. From business cards to billboards, all of your marketing efforts should drive two basic messages to your customers: 1) We are the people you need to contact when you need help with X service, and 2) Here’s how you can contact us when you need us. Having a catchy phone number and domain name is great so long as you’re not upsetting your NAP just to obtain them — but for now, let’s focus on five tips that help all contractors to make it easier for prospective clients to contact them and thus improve client contractor communication.

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