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4 Quick Tips For Using Social Media


As a home improvement contractor, how are you using social media? Are you even using social media?

Social media gives you another chance to expand your brand’s image in people’s minds. It’s called exposure. If you are an expert home improvement contractor in your field, it provides you with a medium through which to share your expertise with a wider audience. Another facet to this is optimization (regarding search engines). Social media activity allows you, your brand, and your expertise to be indexed, crawled and searchable. The more engagement on your part, the more you will be found. More Information »

2016: 3 Things Every Contractor Should Be Doing!

Contractor Marketing OnlineEvery year you read articles and blog posts about what to do to increase your marketing for that year or to get more leads. When it comes to online marketing there are only three things that matter, and they do not change year to year. Listed below are some changes to the SEO landscape and more of the same from previous years. If you are not doing these things, then you are not involved in your online presence. More Information »