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Unique Content with Individual Project Posts: An Infographic

As we’ve recently discussed, Individual Project Posts are a create way to generate unique content.

If you are already a member of the Footbridge Family – click on the infographic below to read up and contact your Account Manager today to start the Individual Project Post process. If you’re not a client, you can apply for consideration or prepare your own Individual Project Post content and add it to your site yourself.
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You Just Won Our Super, Duper Excellent Most Professional Contractor Award!!!

Award Badge Backlinking

Well it is that time of the year again.

All of our support department and account managers get bombarded with badges and awards that our clients receive from the large lead providers.

When you receive these badges which are presented in javascript, you will see that they lead away from your website to a different page.

Depending on your relationship with the company, we have seen that these links that go away from your site will actually lead to their directory of other contractors in your area.

The reason behind doing this is not to award you but to create a back link program that benefits their own site. More Information »

Why We Implemented An Application Process

Application for Contractors
For the past 12 years, if you were a small business or home improvement contractor you can simply go to our website, click GET STARTED and sign up for our marketing program.

In January of this past year, we have changed that.

Now each individual who wants to join our program needs to complete an application before we even consider working with that company.

Why would we do this?

In a time where every single contractor is bombarded with cold calls and spam emails about how they can promise the moon in regards to Google ranking and optimization, we at Footbridge Media have decided not do any marketing.

The reason we have an application process is because depending on the pre-existing online presence, optimization can take a long time due to issues that have already been created prior to Footbridge Media’s involvement.

We have no sales force, no advertising and actually in order for someone to be a client they have to go through an application process.

The one main factor that Google looks at in regards to local optimization, is Name, Address, Phone number (NAP). You can read more in detail at: Name, Address, Phone Number

12 years ago when Footbridge Media started we want to help contractors with their marketing. Most contractors at that time, didn’t even have a website. Nowadays, contractors have had several websites, have hired multiple marketing companies, which have caused more damage than good to their company’s online presence.

Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” or “quick fix”.

Our application process allows us to see the history and identify problems that may have occurred with the contractor over the years. Some issues that we have discovered:

  • Used marketing companies that insist on “tracking” numbers
  • Multiple websites using the same phone or address
  • Changed company name several times

If we find these issues, it may take a long time to clean up, and we believe that the potential client should be aware of this. The last thing we want is to take someone’s money and they do not believe they are getting value.

Managing our client’s expectations are very important and allowing them to know what to expect before they even sign up is a huge value for both our company as well as the client.