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Enhance Your Online Marketing With Social Media

social media marketing for contractorsThere are many different ways of promoting your home improvement business to potential clients. Newspaper ads, radio promotions, and television commercials are some of the popular choices. But promoting your business thru these lines of media can cost a great deal of money. Being a small business owner you need to be crafty and find new ways of getting the attention of your targeted audience. Lucky for you the world of social media is free and an almost countless number of Americans are already plugged into it. You can use social media to promote your website, specials and discounts, recent projects, and reviews of your company. More Information »

The Importance of Being Active In Your Marketing

importance of active contractor marketing

“But I’m paying you guys…can’t you just do it?”

Our Account Managers and support staff can do quite a bit of the technical and “behind-the-scenes” optimization. From the code to quality user experience, we have that covered. We can add content to your site that, in a generic sense, is relevant to your business and appropriate for the time of year. If you so choose, we can even maintain your social media accounts, email marketing, and PayPerClick needs.

But we still need your help.

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Contractor Marketing On A Busy Schedule

contractor marketing on a busy schedule
Marketing efforts are never about one company or one person doing all of the heavy lifting. There is only so much you can do without “boots on the ground” to mine for completely unique, always fresh content. That’s why we ask our clients to help us out by providing us with pertinent company news, reviews, and pictures of their work. But when your main concern is running your business, it can be tough to make time to build your contractor marketing on a busy schedule.
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How Contractors Should NOT Market Specialized Services

contractor marketing specialized servicesYou are an expert in your trade, so you probably offer a variety of specialized services. These services may seem like second nature to you, but to the layperson, the terms may be foreign and confusing.

Not to mention, it’s hard to search for something online if you’ve never heard of it before. While you may know to search for trenchless sewer repairs or wire brushed flooring , it is doubtful that many potential clients will. They are more than likely going to search for something simpler. More Information »

Domain Name Renewal Scams

Domain Renewal ScamsFrequently we get phone calls from clients in our contractor marketing program saying they received a noticed either by mail or email warning them that their domain name is about to expire, and included with the mail is an invoice promising renewal upon payment. They want to know if the notice and bill are legitimate. More Information »