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9 Things To Do With The Phone Book You Just Got

9-things-phone-book_blogWell it is that time of the year where homeowners and businesses receive one of the largest paperweights delivered straight to their door. At Footbridge Media, our postman actually offered us two if we wanted them. Reluctantly, we had to take the one. More Information »

Give Your Clients a Reason to “Shop” with You on Black Friday

Black Friday for ContractorsBlack Friday is quickly approaching, and people everywhere will be going into a shopping frenzy. Take a hint from the biggest retail marketing day of the year by providing your clients with some Black Friday specials. More Information »

The Handy Guide To The Contractor Selfie

contractor selfie guide
In a world dominated by Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (and probably some other new social media platform start-up that’s gained popularity since you’ve started reading this blog post) – you can’t not know what a selfie is. While the contractor selfie hashtag is seldom used – as of October 2016, #selfie has been used publically over 270 million times on Instagram alone. While millennials stereotypically take the most selfies, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the game – it’s time to start with your first contractor selfie. If there is one more tool you should add to your truck mounted tool box this year – maybe it should be a selfie stick!

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6 Factors that Contribute to Effective Websites

6-factors-effective-websites_blogThere is a huge difference between having a website that’s just floating out there in the world wide web and creating an effective website that serves your marketing strategy. While there are countless variables that can go into building a website, we’ve boiled it down to a six key factors you should focus on to help you achieve your marketing goals: More Information »