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Contractor Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

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The new year is quickly approaching, and many companies are rethinking their marketing strategies. Are you?

While the holiday season is winding down, people everywhere are thinking about 2017. And what is one of the most commonly practiced ways to ring in the new year? Sure, partying is at the top of the list. But regardless of what you do on the actual eve of the new year, you can count on people all across the nation to be making New Year’s resolutions. The trick is sticking to those plans. Have you prepped your contractor marketing New Year’s resolutions?
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Naughty & Nice List: Where Do Your Contractor Marketing Efforts Fall?

Does your contractor marketing plan put you on the naughty list?
Are you on Santa’s naughty list when it comes to contractor marketing and SEO? While Santa probably doesn’t care what you’re doing with your marketing plan this year, search engines like Google certainly do. So while you’re enjoying the holiday cheer, be sure to take a moment to evaluate your company’s marketing efforts.
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