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Why You Should Have A Monthly Contractor Email Newsletter

why you should have monthly contractor email newsletter blog

A great marketing tool our clients tend to overlook is our monthly contractor email newsletter. It’s one of those “goldilocks” of marketing – it’s not too overbearing and it’s not too expensive. It’s just the right amount of regular communication with your customer base that keeps your brand and service out there in a cost effective manner. Not to mention, it’s one of those marketing tactics that’s been around since email started. While technology is constantly changing, this is one of those tools you can still count on today to help you out.

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How Do I Get My Contractor Business on the First Page of Google?

contractor business on the first page of Google

“How Do I Get My Contractor Business on the First Page of Google?” – We get asked this question a lot.

The answer is really simple; it takes hard work and cooperation among a group of experienced people with purposefully and uniquely varied skill sets.

Can anybody guarantee your contracting business can remain as the first search result on Google? No. Absolutely not. But if you follow the three guidelines below, keep at it, and communicate with your web team, you can certainly stack the odds in your favor to obtain and retain a top position on Google.
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Why Running A Contractor Business Is Different From Working A Job

why running a contractor business is different from working a job

If you are your own boss in the construction industry, you likely started off in the field, worked your way up, and one day decided to hang your own shingle (roofing pun intended). Whether you’ve operated your own company for 10 years or 10 minutes, it is to remember that running a contractor business is vastly different from working a job.

Running A Contractor Business v Working A Job

  • Business Management – Taxes, People, and Money
  • Jobs Are Day-To-Day, Businesses Look To The Future
  • Businesses Require An Investment: Time or Money

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“Love Your Business” with Valentine’s Day Contractor Marketing

valentine's day contractor marketing

When you are looking ahead and crafting your business marketing plan, it is important to keep seasons and themes in mind. Equally important – it’s vital to stay in front of those timely marketing pieces, so that you will be ready to strike at the appropriate time.

We know that you are busy, so we’ll do our best to keep you ahead of the curve and make sure that you and your company can be at the ready with your marketing materials and strategy. This month, we’re talking Valentine’s Day Contractor Marketing.

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Getting Ready For A Busy Season: A Contractor Marketing Check List

contractor marketing check list
Happy 2017! The holiday season is officially behind us. While all of your prospective clients are recovering from the additional costs associated with gift giving and party having – it’s time to inspect your business and make sure that you are ready to jump when the phones start ringing. Let’s discuss a few simple things to do now to get organized and prepare for a busy year – Here’s a simple contractor marketing check list to make sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running.
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