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Keeping an Eye On The Competition

keeping an eye on the competition
First – A Disclaimer. “Keeping An Eye On The Competition” doesn’t mean you should copycat your client’s every move. We’ve discussed before that ripping off your competitor’s designs doesn’t equate to inheriting their success. Overall – to do well requires that you be more proactive and customer-centric. That being said, being aware of the competitors in your area can make sure that you avoid blindspots in your business operations while being able to perhaps take advantage of the weaknesses of other companies that service your area. Let’s discuss a few tips for keeping an eye on the competition.
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Three Reasons Why Contractors Should Get Reviews + How To Do It

3 reasons why contractors should get reviews

Why is it important that contractors get Google reviews after every job? Ask yourself this question, “When I search for products or services, do I look for reviews to help me make my decision?”. For most people the answer to that question is a resounding YES. If your company does not have reviews, and the phone is not ringing, well the lack of reviews could be a factor.

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SEO Spam Emails: Misleading Reports Sent By Salespeople

seo spam emails misleading reports
One of the things that is most upsetting to both online marketing companies and – well, pretty much anyone who has ever operated a website – is the amount of SEO spam emails you receive that come from “SEO Companies” trying to “fix your website”. Unless you are specifically being targeted as a sales lead – the overwhelming majority of these SEO emails are inaccurate and inauthentic.

Given that we operate multiple websites, we see a large number of these emails and reports come through. Let’s talk about why you really shouldn’t pay much attention to these sales tactics and what you should be doing instead.

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“Go Green” With Springtime Marketing Opportunities

go green springtime marketing

Whether your neck of the woods is starting to warm up or if there’s still snow on the ground, it’s time to get ready for the warm weather season. So even if it still doesn’t feel like Spring, it’s important to prepare your Springtime marketing materials and business plan to be ready to hit the ground running. Get your marketing in gear and “Go Green” to capture the moment!

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