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DIY Contractor Marketing: Should You Do It?

DIY Contractor Marketing
I’m sure that a fair share of your emergency service calls start with “I found how to do this on YouTube, but then something went wrong.” While DIY’s gone wrong are great for your business, in the end – your client is taking a small scale problem and turning it into a bigger (more costly) mistake.

Why does your customer bother to DIY then? Because, to do-it-yourself-ers and DIY weekend warriors, there is a potential cost savings. Instead of paying a professional for their years of experience, it is possible to save a few bucks today. And sometimes, for some specific situations, they can get by.

The same is true for businesses. Thanks to the resources of the internet, there are ways to DIY contractor marketing and your overall business operations. The same potential pitfalls apply, too. Let’s talk about what you should and should not DIY – and some guidelines to help you decide what you should in your particular situation.
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Managing Your Business Social Media Presence: Personal & Work Activity

managing your business social media presence

Thanks to the internet, anything you or your business ever does now has the potential to live forever. Managing your business social media presence means keeping a hold on your personal and business social accounts. It doesn’t matter if you think you deleted it; it’s likely still out there somewhere. Nothing dies on the Internet – and that’s important to remember when your business exists in that same world.
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Mobile Devices & Marketing: Market Your Business Using Your Smartphone

market your business using your smartphone

With the ever increasing presence of smartphones in the hands of potential clients and contractors like yourself, are you taking full advantage of mobile technology? Let’s discuss a few ways you can best market your business using your smartphone.

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Make It Easy To Remember Your Name, Not Just Your Company

make it easy to remember your name
When people really get excited about working with a company, they usually aren’t preoccupied with your company name. Think about it yourself – when is the last time you had really good service anywhere – in a store, a restaurant, or by a service provider. It likely wasn’t that you were amazed to interact with that specific company – the wow factor was likely the person you worked with that went above and beyond the call of duty. Now what was their name…?

If you’re like most people, now that the moment is gone – so is the memory of the name.
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SEO Terminology & Basic Concepts To Better Understand Your Web Marketing

seo terminology
I certainly do not envy the amount of cold calls and marketing emails a small business owner receives. It’s a lot to digest. No later than one day after I signed up for my first domain name, I was bombarded with emails and phone calls offering to improve my business. They offered a variety of services from marketing to web design. All of this was extremely unwanted of course, yet the calls kept coming — and that’s just the way it is.

Understandably, clients often come to us with questions about their website’s performance. Sure enough, this happens because of high pressure cold calls, inflated SEO terminology, and misleading SEO reports. No one can escape it, but my hope is to alleviate some of the confusion and maybe even instill some peace of mind.
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