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Contractor Call-Only PPC: Is It Right For Your Business?

Even if you haven’t run your own paid online marketing in the past, you’re likely aware of common “PayPerClick” elements – like banner ads on website and text ads in search results. You may even know a little bit about those retargeting ads that follow you around the internet. But many contractors and business owners are not aware that Call-Only PayPerClick is an option that should be considered in some specific circumstances.

So What Exactly Is Call-Only PayPerClick?

You can probably guess by context clues exactly what it is. Instead of a display banner or a text based call-to-action that leads to a landing page on your website with a method of capturing a customer’s email address for a lead – call-only PPC ads only appear on smartphones. They feature a much simpler call to action; when users interact with the ad, it loads the phone’s dialer so that a prospective customer can simply tap the dial button and get connected.
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Google Home Service Ads Are Here To Stay

home service ads on a cell phone

The times they are a changing! Without any notice or warning, Google is implementing their Home Service ads through multiple areas and it appears that it will be covered everywhere by the end of the year. Though we have seen many bugs, limited documentation, and issues, this may be where the Local Pack goes to die.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: When this article was originally written, Home Service Ads was the name given by Google. However, recently Google has changed the name of these types of Ads to Google Local Services but they still function exactly the same.

Unlike other Google tools and features, Google isn’t announcing where they plan on rolling the Google Home Service ads out. Currently, there isn’t even an updated help article. Google’s signup page is also inaccurate, as it only lists cities in California, even though they rolled out to Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix and Seattle over a month ago.
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Contractor Reviews: Getting Clients To Commit to Leaving Feedback

a customer leaving a great contractor review
Managing your online marketing presence is much more than getting a website up and running. How people talk about you online shapes your business persona; that’s why getting clients to commit to contractor reviews should be a major part of your marketing efforts.

Good reviews can be cyclical – You get a positive review, you get more customers, they leave more reviews. As contractor review count grows, more potential clients with no previous context about your business will see some great social proof that you can be trusted with their hard-earned money.

Bad reviews or a lack of reviews may send prospective clients to the inbox of your competition.

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What Really Is The Value Of Your Old Contractor Website?

Part of our full service online marketing includes a new contractor website build from the ground up. For new companies, that means a totally new domain name, writing, and photography is required. For companies that already have a contractor website, the idea of getting a new website is sometimes upsetting and off putting. Sometimes, the feedback sounds like…

  • “But I already paid for Wix for 2 years!”
  • “I paid my old web guy $5000 for this site just a few years ago”
  • “I like how it works now, can’t you guys just fix this one?”

So the issue here is really two fold. 1) Why does Footbridge Media need to create a new contractor website, even if you have a pre-existing site and 2) What really is the value of your old contractor website?

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