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New Year’s Resolutions and Marketing for 2018

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As 2017 comes to a close and you look forward to 2018, take some time to give your online marketing a once over. What worked this year? What didn’t? Let’s talk about some suggested new year’s resolutions and marketing plans for 2018.

Keep An Eye on Local Services & Pay To Play

It’s been talked about a lot this year – and for good reason. Google Local Services (previously known as Home Service Ads) is the search engine giant getting into the pay per lead marketplace. It’s a big deal because of the reach that Google has and the placement of said ads. Local Services ads go above the map pack and above the organic search results.

If you consider the Local Services ads + regular PPC ads + advertised listings in the map pack – all of the results “above the fold” on a Google search engine results page is now paid advertising space. It takes a full mouse wheel scroll or swipe of your finger before you get to organic search results.
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Benefiting From Co-Op Marketing

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Some vendor affiliations and business partnerships may have hidden benefits that you’re not taking advantage of. If you work directly with a specific material or equipment manufacturer, you may be missing out on some co-op marketing dollars – which means you’re losing out on the opportunity to get your company in front of even more potential customers.
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The Twelve Days Of Contractor Marketing

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It’s the Holidays, and many businesses are reflecting on their previous year’s victories and planning for their next year’s success. While everyone is preparing their year end checklists (and perhaps checking them twice!) let’s go over our suggested Twelve Days of Contractor Marketing.

The Twelve Days of Contractor Marketing is a simple guide to 1) provide you with a simple actionable task to build your business and 2) to show you that you really do have time to focus on your business and your marketing – even during the holidays.
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Google Local Services and Voice Search – A Powerful Combination

voice search 1Two of the biggest “up-and-comers” for Google and marketing professionals have been 1) Google Local Services (recently rebranded from their original name “Google Home Service Ads”) and 2) major improvements to additional opportunities for searching via voice. Now – those two big marketing news stories overlap. Very soon – when you’re talking to your Google device, you’ll be able to ask for a home improvement service and get results directly from Google Local Services.
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