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Aaron O’Hanlon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Footbridge Media, a digital marketing agency, specializing in the contracting industry. It is his mission to create awareness of marketing online to the home improvement industry and to educate, inform and assist contractors in taking over their own online presence.

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7 Digital Marketing Trends Every Contractor Should Be Aware in 2018

digital marketing trends for contractors in 2018

With the end of the year fast approaching, many contractors take the holiday time to recoup, regroup and evaluate how their past year was successful and what things they need to do to continue to grow their company.

As a marketing agency focusing on contractors and the home improvement industry, the latest changes to Google have been constant this past year. The buildup of Local Services (formerly home service ads), the growth of mobile searches and the push for internet security have led Google to two main objectives:

  1. How to make the most money on the basis of search results; and
  2. Provide the best experience and accessibility for users

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How Reviews & Individual Project Posts May Affect SEO in 2018

reviews in 2018

Reviews In 2018

In the past year we have gone over the importance of generating online reviews in 2018, why you should get reviews, how to handle bad reviews and we even now provide your own review management system.

Online reviews are not only important for your digital marketing presence, it also allows users to make better decisions… The BrightLocal 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey discovered the following information when it comes to users and online reviews:

  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews in 2018 as much as a personal recommendation for a business, product or service.
  • 91% of consumers read online reviews.
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.
  • 50% of people now read online reviews regularly, compared with just 33% in 2015.
  • Only 9% of consumers today neglect to read online reviews, compared with 29% in 2010.
  • Just 5% of consumers say they don’t pay attention to online reviews. This is down from 11% in 2015.

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Google Is Forcing Contractors To Have SSL Certificates On Their Websites

ssl certificate for contractor

Do you have a SSL certificate? Do you even know what that is?

As we discussed last week about Home Service Ads and how Google is monetizing most of the first page of search results, they are also making changes which make it better for the actual user. Google loves its users and is trying to create more security for its users, by changing not only the requirements for websites, but also including these requests into its own search algorithm.

In a nutshell what Google is looking for is a faster, secure, user-friendly website.

If anyone remembers Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon‘ back in April of 2015, when they started “requiring” websites to be mobile responsive in order to rank well in searches. then you may be familiar with Google’s new request. SSL Certificates.
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Google Home Service Ads Are Here To Stay

home service ads on a cell phone

The times they are a changing! Without any notice or warning, Google is implementing their Home Service ads through multiple areas and it appears that it will be covered everywhere by the end of the year. Though we have seen many bugs, limited documentation, and issues, this may be where the Local Pack goes to die.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: When this article was originally written, Home Service Ads was the name given by Google. However, recently Google has changed the name of these types of Ads to Google Local Services but they still function exactly the same.

Unlike other Google tools and features, Google isn’t announcing where they plan on rolling the Google Home Service ads out. Currently, there isn’t even an updated help article. Google’s signup page is also inaccurate, as it only lists cities in California, even though they rolled out to Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix and Seattle over a month ago.
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9 Things To Do With The Phone Book You Just Got

9-things-phone-book_blogWell it is that time of the year where homeowners and businesses receive one of the largest paperweights delivered straight to their door. At Footbridge Media, our postman actually offered us two if we wanted them. Reluctantly, we had to take the one. More Information »

Give Your Clients a Reason to “Shop” with You on Black Friday

Black Friday for ContractorsBlack Friday is quickly approaching, and people everywhere will be going into a shopping frenzy. Take a hint from the biggest retail marketing day of the year by providing your clients with some Black Friday specials. More Information »

6 Factors that Contribute to Effective Websites

6-factors-effective-websites_blogThere is a huge difference between having a website that’s just floating out there in the world wide web and creating an effective website that serves your marketing strategy. While there are countless variables that can go into building a website, we’ve boiled it down to a six key factors you should focus on to help you achieve your marketing goals: More Information »

When Preferences Become Marketing Faux Pas

Web design mistakesSo, you’re paying for a website. You want to get the most out of it, right? Plus, you want it to be YOUR website. You have specific ideas in mind from the color scheme to the images and words on each page. And let’s face it – the design is the fun part! Much like decorating a home, it’s your chance to express yourself in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, your personal preferences could be damaging your marketing strategy. More Information »

5 Reasons Every Contractor Should Send Out Holiday Cards

holiday-cards for contractorsIt is almost that time of year as the holiday season will be here before you know it. After all, marketing to our clients is our core importance in business throughout the year. Touching base with your client base on a regular basis is much better then marketing to a cold list. A simple and cost-effective way of keeping the name of your home improvement business on the top of minds to potential customers is sending seasonal “Holiday Cards” or postcards. More Information »

5 Reasons Business Owners Should Not Use Personal Emails

5-reasons-no-personal-email_BLOGMany Americans today have their own email accounts, maybe even two or three different accounts. So, why does it matter if you use your personal email to conduct your business? One of the biggest problems with the internet today is anonymity. Anyone can create an email account on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and more. When a person creates one of these email accounts, they can be anyone they want to be and say whatever they want. So, how can your potential clients trust an email from a personal email account? Your best bet is to have an email account that carries your website address. This way when you are sending out your initial contact email, it carries more trust. Having a business email account will promote: Professionalism, Credibility, Brand Awareness, Customization, and Dependability. More Information »