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Anthony here. I write content for Footbridge Media. I spend most of my time thinking of ways that a company can grow from start up to multi-national conglomerate. Then I write about how to help you fall somewhere in between.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Emailing Your Clients

7 Reasons You Should Email Your Clients
If you aren’t emailing your customers, you will lose them to your competitors…..eventually. I know that is a bold statement, but I cannot stress it enough. I also understand why you might disagree. If you provide stellar customer service, quality craftsmanship and build a reputation for completing jobs on time and on budget, why would people leave? More Information »

Making Home Show Marketing Work for You

Home Show Marketing

In the construction and home improvement market, competition is heavy. As you and your rival contractors fight through the noise to reach your audience, you’ll probably find yourself looking at whatever means is affordable to construct a marketing plan. One shimmering beacon of hope is the local home show.

Every season many metropolitan areas are host to a home construction and improvement convention commonly referred to as a “home show”. This is where an auditorium is packed out with booths from various companies promoting everything that has anything to do with the subject. The attendees are typically homeowners that are interested in home improvement.

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Are Your Contracting Skills Hurting Your Marketing?

Mass vs Niche Marketing

One of the interesting “side effects” of becoming a contractor is that you learn how to do so many things with your hands. All too often you don’t just learn how to install flooring and then stop there. At some point you pick up how to hang the windows and doors, how to install the roof and even how to build the whole darn house. Building things is a valuable skill and you contractors seem to be teeming with value. At every turn you’ll find a contractor’s website advertising a service such as roofing or deck building in the name, but upon closer inspection you’ll discover that the services don’t end there. You can also get drywall, electrical work and remodeling too.
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Is Blogging Important for Home Improvement Contractors?

Home improvement contractors have a lot on their plates day to day. Between servicing existing customers, building new clientele, cultivating a referral base and many other aspects of growing a business, it’s amazing there is still time for actual work. During those precious moments at the office, while catching up on paperwork, the conscientious contractor does his due diligence on the best strategies employed to obtain a steady inflow of projects. In that time you’ve all seen in mentioned, heard it talked about, this thing; Blogging.  But that is an easy topic to set aside in the recesses of the mind for future enquiry. After all, you’re a builder not a writer. Your hands craft wood and steel into shapes and functional improvements for homes, and they are full enough with that.

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