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Chris Lonergan is the President of Footbridge Media.

With a background in web design, print design, and online marketing, Chris is focused on providing quality marketing and business solutions in the construction and service industries - helping small business owners to more efficiently manage their company and grow their operations.

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Google’s “Speed Update” – Why Your Mobile Website Speed Matters

google's page speed update
Sometimes it is difficult to stay ahead of the trends and have an eye to the marketing horizon. Other times, the breadcrumbs are there for all to see. Google’s latest Webmaster Central blog post announced another inevitable modification to Google’s search algorithm – starting in July 2018, page speed with will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Why PageSpeed Was Important Before…

The “Speed Update” as it is called is about mobile page speed specifically but we’ve been harping about PageSpeed for many reasons over the past few years. More Information »

Why There Is No Such Thing As “Too Busy” In The Business World

How To Market When You Are Too Busy

How do you introduce yourself to a new person? Do you say “I’m a plumber” or “I own/operate a plumber company”? Because there is a difference…

Everyone you ever meet is always too busy. We all fall into the same trap, myself included, of losing sight of the end goal because of the stumbling blocks in the day or the week or the month or the year. The important part is to not be hindered by the “busyness”; the important part is to recognize what needs to be done and prioritize what has to happen to build and grow. That is a skill in and of itself – but it is important to learn how to market when you are too busy. There is no such thing as “too busy” in the business world – there is just a lack of focus. Let’s talk about exactly what that looks like and how you can get back on track. More Information »

Getting Ready For A Busy Season: A Contractor Marketing Check List

contractor marketing check list
Happy 2018! The holiday season is officially behind us. While all of your prospective clients are recovering from the additional costs associated with gift giving and party having – it’s time to inspect your business and make sure that you are ready to jump when the phones start ringing. Let’s discuss a few simple things to do now to get organized and prepare for a busy year – Here’s a simple contractor marketing check list to make sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Author’s Note: This Contractor Marketing Check List was originally posted in 2017 and updated again in 2018

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New Year’s Resolutions and Marketing for 2018

contractor carrying marketing for 2018
As 2017 comes to a close and you look forward to 2018, take some time to give your online marketing a once over. What worked this year? What didn’t? Let’s talk about some suggested new year’s resolutions and marketing plans for 2018.

Keep An Eye on Local Services & Pay To Play

It’s been talked about a lot this year – and for good reason. Google Local Services (previously known as Home Service Ads) is the search engine giant getting into the pay per lead marketplace. It’s a big deal because of the reach that Google has and the placement of said ads. Local Services ads go above the map pack and above the organic search results.

If you consider the Local Services ads + regular PPC ads + advertised listings in the map pack – all of the results “above the fold” on a Google search engine results page is now paid advertising space. It takes a full mouse wheel scroll or swipe of your finger before you get to organic search results.
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Benefiting From Co-Op Marketing

puzzle pieces of marketing
Some vendor affiliations and business partnerships may have hidden benefits that you’re not taking advantage of. If you work directly with a specific material or equipment manufacturer, you may be missing out on some co-op marketing dollars – which means you’re losing out on the opportunity to get your company in front of even more potential customers.
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The Twelve Days Of Contractor Marketing

contractor marketing

It’s the Holidays, and many businesses are reflecting on their previous year’s victories and planning for their next year’s success. While everyone is preparing their year end checklists (and perhaps checking them twice!) let’s go over our suggested Twelve Days of Contractor Marketing.

The Twelve Days of Contractor Marketing is a simple guide to 1) provide you with a simple actionable task to build your business and 2) to show you that you really do have time to focus on your business and your marketing – even during the holidays.
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Google Local Services and Voice Search – A Powerful Combination

voice search 1Two of the biggest “up-and-comers” for Google and marketing professionals have been 1) Google Local Services (recently rebranded from their original name “Google Home Service Ads”) and 2) major improvements to additional opportunities for searching via voice. Now – those two big marketing news stories overlap. Very soon – when you’re talking to your Google device, you’ll be able to ask for a home improvement service and get results directly from Google Local Services.
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Constantly Building and Growing Your Marketing

a contractor growing marketing and improving his business

All of us understand the importance of continual education and constantly improving your skills as related to the technical performance of your business. Most of us understand the need to maintain and upgrade the physical equipment and tools of the trade that are used in your day-to-day operations. And again, a good number of us understand the importance of fostering and maintaining past customer relationships for the sake of positive top-of-mind awareness amongst other things …

So why would your growing your marketing be any different?
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Why Customer Reviews Matter – An Infographic

reviews matter man with clip board

Most small businesses understand that customer reviews are a major component of maintaining an online marketing presence and getting new customers. The 2017 BrightLocal Survey helps to put some good math and hard numbers behind this – which helps us to make better decisions and remind us of how absolutely vital customer reviews are to the process.

Let’s go over some of the key findings from this most recent survey and talk about what that means for your contractor business.
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5 Tips To Get Your Holiday Marketing Ready Ahead Of Time

holiday marketing
If you’re like most of us, you simply cannot stand that holiday displays come out earlier every year. But there is a reason why stores sell Christmas trees in September – It is important to get your efforts out ahead of the game. Even though there isn’t a turkey in the oven or snow on the ground yet, you need to get your holiday marketing ready ahead of time – and here are 5 ways that you can do just that.
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