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New Postcard Designs For Contractors

Each month, Footbridge Media Direct Marketing division will be highlighting direct mail designs for contractors. This month we have two that are important for this time of the year.


HVAC tune up cards

If you are looking to customize this card, then visit and order your AC tune up card today. More Information »

Save $$$ Using QR Codes On Your Next Postcard Mailing

Contractor PostcardsDuring July and August of this year, the USPS will offer a Mobile Barcode Promotion that rewards contractors who use direct mailers  launching campaigns incorporating QR Codes with an upfront 3 percent postage discount on qualifying Standard and First-Class Mail letters, flats or cards. This has brought a lot of questions about QR Codes and how to implement them and ways to use them. More Information »

Have You Implemented EDDM Cards Into Your Marketing?

EDDM Marketing for ContractorsIf you are a canvassing expert and cover your entire town or send high school kids to blanket the neighborhood where you are working or even use those fancy radius marketing tools, the U.S. Postal Service may have a more affordable solution for you. EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a new promotion rolled out by the US Postal Service that enables home improvement contractors to mail at an astounding 14.2 cents per postcard without even needing to have a mailing address.

With Every Door Direct Mail, you can reach homeowners in the area you want to work that matters most to your business: nearby neighborhoods. You don’t even need to know names or street addresses. You simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target, and your printed piece is delivered with the day’s mail to every address. More Information »

Simple, But Powerful Marketing Tool

Thank you cards for contractorsIn today’s day and age, technology, gratification and reward is almost instantaneous. But, you’d be surprised how far a hand-written note can go when you actually take the time to write it and drop it in the mail vs. simply shooting a quick email. Mailing “Thank You” notes are so rare today; by showing your appreciation in this way, you will definitely be on someone’s mind. More Information »

5 Tune Up Postcard “Musts” During This Air Conditioning Season

Air Conditioning HVAC Tune Up CardEvery good heating and air conditioning company should begin setting up their annual tune up cards and creating their list. Seasonal tune up cards are cost effective method of marketing that can be very profitable. By completing your due diligence in these areas, your tune up card printing and  marketing efforts will have the potential to take your business to new levels.

If you do not plan to order your Air Conditioning Tune up cards through us, then please make sure to take these tips into consideration, when you are designing your tune up card.


1)A Bold Headline – The headline should explain in what you are offering. Many companies make the mistake of using their logo or company name as the largest aspect of a postcard, but the headline should be what you are offering to the homeowner. For air conditioning tune up cards, here are some beneficial headlines to use:

  • “Tune Up Time!”
  • “Time For A Home System Tune Up?”
  • “Don’t Sweat Your Air Conditioner This Summer!”

2) A Photo/Graphic That Supports Headline

3) Benefits – Use bullet points to explain the benefits of having a seasonal tune up, and the costs that can occur for negligence.

4) The Offer – Display price, discount or special for your tune up.

5) Call To Action – How do you want people to contact you? Phone number and your website should be prominent. Always direct people to what they need to do next.

Sending out seasonal tune up cards or reminders to your client base is an excellent way to keep that “top of mind” awareness with your clients as well as generate some additional revenue. If you would like to see some samples of our HVAC tune upcards, please visit

Increase Your Response Rate With These Quick Postcard Tips

postcard marketingPostcards can be an effective and affordable part of your contractor marketing program. So don’t let a lack of writing experience stop you from using them.

Start with your audience. Make a list of the things that might be important to them. Then narrow it down to what you think is the most important element. Use that item for your headline and all throughout your copy. Remember you want to target your potential client base on an emotional level. People are not looking for “bathroom remodeling”, they are looking for “spa-like experience” when it comes to reading direct mail pieces. More Information »

Top Ten Contractor Door Hanger Marketing Tips

For most contractors door hanger marketing offers great value and potential when working within a job area, especially since it is an oft-ignored direct-marketing medium. It shouldn’t be! Door hangers are automatically set apart from other junk mail since they’re next to impossible to ignore, and they’re extremely cost effective to print and distribute, so it’s no wonder that door hangers often achieve a high response rate. When done correctly, door hanger marketing can quickly become a staple of any campaign strategy.

Listed below are the top marketing ideas you need to focus on when handing out doorhangers.

More Information »

Prospect Packets – What Are You Using?

Prospect packetRegardless if you just gave an estimate, or they have already purchased,
every potential client should be receiving some form of prospect packet. More Information »

Bananas And What They Have To Do With Contractor Marketing!

Direct Mail Marketing for ContractorsOk. This article has nothing to do with bananas. It was more of an inside joke with our employees. But it does not make it any less important for contractors, and contractor marketing. Let me tell you about postcards, and postcard marketing. The postcard can be a very powerful marketing tool for contractors. Many of our clients use them throughout the year. The key is to set up the card to market effectively for you. Concentrate on a specific service or offer and not just your overall company. More Information »

Contractor Marketing To New Homeowners

Marketing to New HomeownersOne market that every contractor should be marketing to is the new homeowner. People who have just built or purchased a new home, are fully aware of the little nuances of their home. They may be new to the area, want to know a local plumber. They may have purchased the house with plans to remodel. Whatever the reason, you should be marketing to this group. More Information »