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Are You Using Referral Cards?

Referral Cards for contractorsEvery home improvement contractor knows that referrals are simply the best way to expose your business to even more customers. Referrals that come from loyal customers are highly recommended, as it is usually easier to make homeowners trust your work and services when a friend recommends it to them.

It is stated that up to 40% of contractors believe that referrals have helped them to reap the most profits compared to other conventional marketing techniques such as direct mail and advertising and even online marketing. However, you will need to adopt a specific technique in order to get as much referrals as possible. One method that you can use, besides a client newsletter, is by using referral cards. Understanding how using referral cards work in your business can effectively increase profits. More Information »

What Are You Doing To Generate Referrals?

Referral Marketing For ContractorsLike customer reviews and testimonials, home improvement contractors live and die on referrals. If you ask contractors on how they generate leads, a majority of them would say “referrals”. But what are they doing to generate them? The problem, however, is most home improvement contractors leave it up to their clients to “spread the word”. They never know if they are actually sharing your company information or simply ignoring your request. More Information »

A Bad Review Is Something You Need Online

Bad Reviews For ContractorsHave you ever searched for a restaurant or hotel online and visited reviews and they were all glowing with no complaints. Do you trust them? Have you ever been to your favorite local hardware store and did not have one criticism? Having a bad review online actually helps you and legitimizes your listings. How you RESPOND to that listing is the importance of a negative review.

We are not all perfect. As your company grows you are going to have unsatisfied customers and you are more likely to have an unsatisfied customer go online and vent, then a happy customer go on to praise you. It makes your company real when you have customers complain. Get used to it. What you do with a negative review is important. Listed below are some suggestions to monitor your reviews and how you should respond to them. More Information »

How To Get Homeowners Raving About You

Are You A Super Hero ContractorOne of the best ways to homeowners understand what you do is to tell stories about the clients and the home improvement projects you’ve handled in the past. All of your marketing documents and messages should be peppered with client stories as well as photos of projects completed.

But if you want homeowners to talk about you and your company and remember you and send referrals to you, there’s one more story you need to tell: your story.

People Are Fascinated By Home Improvement Contractors

Yes, this is true. Why do you think there are entire networks on home improvement? You are actually living the life that many homeowners want, providing skills and expertise that they only dream of. You are capable of doing things that many, many people are unable to. More Information »

2011 Referral Reward Contest Winner Is?

We want to thank Jeremy Swanson of Lazer Electric for his constant support of our marketing program, and being the 2011 Referral Rewards Client of The Year. For winning this contest, Lazer Electric has received 2 full years of marketing service from Footbridge Media a savings of $3000 as well as a 1 year free of our social media management program!!! More Information »

What Are You Doing To Create Word Of Mouth Referrals?

Word of mouth marketing for contractors

There is no arguing the fact that Word of Mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for any home improvement contractor.

Your contracting business can benefit significantly from positive Word Of Mouth marketing. Good work and craftsmanship is only one aspect of creating Word of Mouth leads, and it is important to understand why your clients are referring you.

Listed below are just a few ideas that can help you increase your Word of Mouth referrals:

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Who Should You Partner With?

The first step to forming a strategic alliance is to define who your “target market” is. Who in your area has tons of clients that most match the description of your ideal client?

Think about the other businesses your clients patronize – and which ones they don’t. For example, a good number of your clients might shop at a nearby golf supply store or moor their boats at local marina.

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#1 Biggest Mistake Contractors Make

While most companies cite referrals as their most important source of business, ironically, most companies do nothing to stimulate or increase their flow of referrals. They simply sit back and wait for the phone to ring on its own. This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves. When running a business, regardless if you are a contractor or not, your client base, is your best base when it comes to marketing. More Information »

2010 Referral Contest Winner

We want to thank Kevin Lawrence of Fresh Coat of Columbus for his constant support of our marketing program, and being the 2010 Referral Rewards Client of The Year. For winning this contest, Fresh Coat of Columbus has received 2 full years of marketing service from Footbridge Media a savings of $3000!!!

What Fresh Coat of Columbus Says About Footbridge Media

kevin lawrence, fresh coat“Footbridge has done wonders for my on-line presence. My business went from the 7th to 8th page to the 1st page after Footbridge took control and created our webpage. I did a lot of research prior to choosing Footbridge Media. Others wanted $1000’s and a long term contract and money up front. I could not have chosen a better outfit to build our on line presence. Bottom line, FB does what they say and they do it at a very affordable price.” Kevin Lawrence, Fresh Coat Columbus More Information »

Getting Better, Qualified and More Effective Referrals

Like testimonials, contractors live and die by their referrals. For some, it’s the only marketing tool they really use to build their business. The problem, however, is most builders leave it up to their clients to “pass the word around”. They never know if their clients are passing the word around…to whom…and if the potential prospect will act on the referral. More Information »