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4 Steps to Setting Proper Expectations

setting proper expectations

Setting proper expectations is one of the best ways to avoid ill-will between you and a client. Bending the expectation into something you think the client wants to hear, but is not realistic, or simply setting a false expectation to get the job, can cause grave damage, especially in the digital age. Bad news about you and your company can spread very quickly.

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Make It Easy: Capturing Payments and Reducing Customer Frustration

After you work so hard to get clients to select your services out of the many contractors available to them on the market, it’s important to not drop the ball anywhere in the customer experience and sales process. One simple pitfall can aggravate your customer and sour an otherwise blooming customer relationship.


Whether it’s taking a deposit upfront for services or the complete payment on a final bill, breaking out the wallet is the most stress inducing part of a customer’s contractor experience. Online, over the phone, or in person – the customer payment process should be as easy as possible.

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Stealing Ideas: Why You Don’t Need To Look Like Your Competitor


“Can we use the same pictures that they used?”

“XXX Plumbing services the same area and they’ve got lots of business, so I’d like to copy their web site”

“They seem to be pretty busy, so I think we should use dark green like they do”

No. No. and No.

From original designs to current client overhauls, we get lots of questions about making a web site “more like my competitor”. While it is a good idea to keep a wary eye on the other professionals in your service area, replicating their site doesn’t mean you’ll instantly become just as successful.

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What’s In A Name: Personalizing Customer Interactions


“Dear Customer,

We value you as a customer and would to extend a personal thank you for signing up for our services.” …

Do you really value me as a customer? If so, you’d think you’d know my name!

I received an email similar to this a while ago signing up for new Internet services, and was discouraged by the lack of personalization. This message wasn’t meant to be a widely dispersed email like a newsletter or service announcement. It was meant to be a personal welcome, but it clearly failed at engaging me personally.

Of course, I know that the email was an automated response, triggered by an auto responder rule as sent by a heartless, metal machine. But in the era of Big Data, it seems like a simple task to humanize such a cold exchange.

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Presentation Folders: Are You Leaving Them Behind?

Contractor Presentation foldersRegardless if you are on a service call, or giving an estimate or consultation, what are you leaving behind when you walk out the door? This article will give you a laundry list of ideas and marketing potential of excellent leave-behinds that you can use for any home improvement contractor, regardless if you are a plumber or home builder.

Besides the bill or estimate that you are leaving with the homeowner here are some ideas that you can use to leave behind. It is even better to keep everything in a presentation folder, so that the homeowner can reference all of your materials. Make sure that the folder is labeled with all of your company information. In most cases they will use the folder to collect all of their project information, leaving another marketing piece in their hands. Also, Always make sure that the bill or estimate is enclosed in your packet. Besides the obvious here are a few things that you should include in your presentation folder: More Information »

8 Canvassing Tips For Contractors

canvassing for contractors

Canvassing is a hard but very cost effective marketing and sales tool that many home improvement contractors should be implementing. Even if it is in the location of a job site, or an area that you wish to be working in, it can deliver leads for your company. Listed below are some tips to help you get started on your canvassing campaign:

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Hello? Hello? Is Anyone There?

Ok, this is partially a rant of mine, and I cannot believe this has to even be a topic that needs to be covered.

The past few days I have noticed a very disconcerting pattern when calling clients as well as my personal experience with contractors. The first example would be from personal use. Recently my wife has gotten on a home improvement kick.  And since I am an admitted moron when it comes to anything that deals with home improvement, I suggest finding a local electrician. Considering that was the first project she wanted to work on.

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7 Reasons Your Sales Suck

Got Your Attention?

One of the more fun parts of my job is talking to sales and service managers who refuse to admit that the results that their people get on their opportunities do indeed, suck. What do I mean by this statement?

First of all let’s face it, I use that word to get your attention and now that I have it, let me explain. When any frontline service or sales professional in your company does not produce the results needed to pay for all the overhead, benefits, pay, education and everything else needed to cover their fair share of these expenses, then they are “sucking” these valuable resources at the expense of other employees who ARE pulling their own weight.

There is an imbalance at many companies that is created by some of the sales team performing at a high level while others do not. Many perceive this as just a fact of life and refuse to believe that EVERYBODY could achieve profitable numbers and reach their goals. More Information »