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Google’s “Speed Update” – Why Your Mobile Website Speed Matters

google's page speed update
Sometimes it is difficult to stay ahead of the trends and have an eye to the marketing horizon. Other times, the breadcrumbs are there for all to see. Google’s latest Webmaster Central blog post announced another inevitable modification to Google’s search algorithm – starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Why PageSpeed Was Important Before…

The “Speed Update” as it is called is about mobile page speed specifically but we’ve been harping about PageSpeed for many reasons over the past few years. More Information »

How Reviews & Individual Project Posts May Affect SEO in 2018

reviews in 2018

Reviews In 2018

In the past year we have gone over the importance of generating online reviews in 2018, why you should get reviews, how to handle bad reviews and we even now provide your own review management system.

Online reviews are not only important for your digital marketing presence, it also allows users to make better decisions… The BrightLocal 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey discovered the following information when it comes to users and online reviews:

  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews in 2018 as much as a personal recommendation for a business, product or service.
  • 91% of consumers read online reviews.
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.
  • 50% of people now read online reviews regularly, compared with just 33% in 2015.
  • Only 9% of consumers today neglect to read online reviews, compared with 29% in 2010.
  • Just 5% of consumers say they don’t pay attention to online reviews. This is down from 11% in 2015.

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Google Is Forcing Contractors To Have SSL Certificates On Their Websites

ssl certificate for contractor

Do you have a SSL certificate? Do you even know what that is?

As we discussed last week about Home Service Ads and how Google is monetizing most of the first page of search results, they are also making changes which make it better for the actual user. Google loves its users and is trying to create more security for its users, by changing not only the requirements for websites, but also including these requests into its own search algorithm.

In a nutshell what Google is looking for is a faster, secure, user-friendly website.

If anyone remembers Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon‘ back in April of 2015, when they started “requiring” websites to be mobile responsive in order to rank well in searches. then you may be familiar with Google’s new request. SSL Certificates.
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Google Authorship Guide: Step-By-Step Tutorial For 2013

We’ve talked here before about the perks of Google Authorship, most notability that lovely little image in your Google Search Engine Results page that help to separate your page from the competition and improve your click through rates. Today, we’ll go through a quick step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process.

Guide To Google Authorship 2013

1. Create a new or Sign In To G+ Account

Setting Up Google Account More Information »

Another Google Penguin Update Has Arrived

Google changes algorithm.

What is Penguin?

Google launched the Penguin Update in April 2012 to better catch sites deemed to be spamming its search results, in particular those doing so by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to boost Google rankings. The Penguin update is a combination of Google’s Quality rater program as well as tweaks to their overall algorithm change. Unlike Google’s previous major algorithm changes that occurred on a quarterly basis, Penguin is more of a rolling algorithm change based on data that Quality Raters input into the algorithm. More Information »

Share Your Company Process With Customers

Company Process For ContractorsI have always been a strong component in consumer education and home improvement contractors educating homeowners on their services and products.

And at Footbridge Media we have always believed that “Content is King”… So one marketing idea, by providing good content to your site is to outline your company process.

From the moment a customer calls you to when a project is completed. You should be able to have a detailed list that you can provide to your customers and will educate potential customers on your give process.

Your website should be able to educate your potential customer on your complete process right before they contact you. This way they know what to expect when dealing with your company.  For example a good process will start with when they call and schedule the estimate or consultation.  And finish when you provide them a feedback form. More Information »

Why Change Your Company Name?

changing your company nameRecently I have noticed that certain companies have gone out of their way to change their company name. Which reminds me of my love of Shakespeare:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Why would a business change their company name when they already have an established brand? Changing your business name requires a lot of work, including changes to your website, brochures, business cards, etc.

I can understand when one company takes over another, you either have to settle on one of the old names, combine the two, or think up a new name. I can also see if you name your company using a local flare, but then begin to service nationally, you should change your name. Yet, why would a company change its name if there has been years and years of branding. For example, ServiceMagic, a company many of you are familiar with has recently changed its name to HomeAdvisor.

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Google+ Now Incorporated Into Search: What Are You Doing?

Google+ Business PagesGoogle is going all-in with social, and you have to wonder how this will affect your home improvement business. In the past few months, I have warned that this day would be coming and have been encouraging our clients to create their own Google+ pages or join our social media management program. Google has deepened its commitment to mix personal content into its algorithmic search results early last year and now is incorporating its own social network to mingle with its algorithmic search results. The new “Search, plus Your World” feature looks through your Google+ profile for relevant things shared with you, things your friends shared, or other relevant pages and profiles, and integrates them into your search results even if they’re privately shared only with you. More Information »

Google Panda and The Dance It is Doing On Your Website

Google PandaThere has been a lot of talk lately on forums and social media about Google’s Panda update and the ongoing changes to their algorithm. Many of our clients have contacted us about how their rankings have jumped or dropped almost on a daily basis.

While many of the discussions do have some validity, there is a lot of confusion on how certain sites are being affected. The main problem is that historically Google’s algorithm changes would occur at most every quarter, but the recent Panda has been almost changing on a weekly basis for the past six months or so. Why is this?

Google has implemented the human element into their own algorithm. A “human quality rater” that reviews and eyeballs hundreds of sites and actually gives them a rating based on criteria supplied by Google. Once this data is compiled, it is fed to the computer-side algorithm and now the computer will repeat the same rating as the human element. More Information »

What Is This Duplicated Content Everyone Is Talking About?

Duplicated ContentOver the past few weeks I have seen conversations about the “Dangers of Duplicated Content”. In order to fear duplicated content, one must understand what it actually means. In the most recent 2011 Google General Rating Guide, they mention that: More Information »