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Small Facebook Promotion Yields Big ROI


The Problem: Not Enough Likes and Engagement

If you have a Facebook page but struggle to get organic engagement with your content it might be time to run a Facebook promotion. Such was the case with Best Price Electric of Salem, Massachusetts. With fans hovering in the 40 mark and low engagement, they came to us to get more people interacting with their page.

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4 Reasons Contractors Should Be Using Social Media

4-reasons-contractor-social-mediaI know many home improvement contractors wish to go back to the day where buying the largest ad in the yellow pages was enough to keep their lead flow going. But the days of spending more $$$ to generate more leads is over.

With the aggregation of sites like Houzz, Facebook and Google+, home improvement contractors now, more than ever,  need to be active in their own marketing. Social engagement is imperative when it comes to your online presence.  Simply creating these accounts does not help your online presence. You need to be active on them to ensure that your business is relevant in the social sphere. Listed below are 5 reasons that every home  improvement contractor needs to have an active social media presence today:

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Pinterest & Interior Design: Tips for Remodeling Contractors

Using Pinterest to Improve Ranking & Reach a Wider Audience

Pinterest Tips For Remodelers and Interior Designers

Pinterest is a great social media tool for remodeling contractors looking to reach a wider audience and make a solid representation of their brand in the vast sea of home improvement and interior design resources on the internet. This is highly due to the nature of what users tend to pin. Just a quick glance through some of the most popularly “pinned” items will reveal the top topics tend to be food, fashion, and interior design. While many “pinners” are looking for DIY alternatives to home décor on a budget, this should not hinder contractors from jumping on board. After all, the beauty of Pinterest is its pictures – people love pretty pictures, and remodeling contractors can easily use this to their advantage to boosting website ranking. More Information »

A Picture Is Worth More Than 140 Characters: Twitter Adds Image & Video Previews To Feed

Using Photos On Twitter
Recently, Twitter has done some tweaking to the way that users see their tweets. Much like the view in Facebook and Google Plus, all image and video previews now automatically show in your feed, without the need to click or tap on the individual tweet. But why would they make a change like that? And what does that mean for your social media marketing?

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#Hashtag: Facebook Hashtags & Hashtagging 101

What Are Hashtags?

Facebook recently announced official hashtag support, with clickable hashtags and new hashtag feeds. While hashtags aren’t yet working on Facebook mobile, we suspect that mobile hashtagging isn’t too far off. With all major social media networks now utilizing hashtags, hashtag marketing can take deeper roots.

The company says that it will “continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world’s conversations.”

While Facebook continues to develop their hashtagging system, we can take a moment to figure out exactly what hashtags mean for Facebook and social media users. More Information »

Get Access To Business Tools On Pinterest

I’ve written about best practices for business to use on Pinterest, and now it seems that the image focused website is starting to give businesses more attention. Pinterest has announced that they are starting to roll out a new look, and some business tools for those who have business accounts…so if you don’t have business account….let me explain how to get one, and to get access to some of these new tools.

Getting A Business Account

Whether you have an account you use for business, or need to create one, go to and click the “Join as a business” button.


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Facebook’s Graph Search For Your Business

facebook-graphYesterday, Facebook announced a feature that makes it so much more important than ever to connect with people through your Facebook page. Graph Search is what they’re calling the new feature, and they stated it will be rolled out in the next few days, weeks, or months depending on your account. Get on the wait list here.

Connecting With People Is More Important Than Ever

But the real story here is improvements on how people can find your local business on Facebook via their friends. Facebook is trying to work through their new Graph Search feature for people to be able to type in “Plumbers” or “Dentists” and it will pull up a list of companies that their friends have liked on Facebook. More Information »

Introduction to Instagram For Contractors

Instagram For ContractorsThe Instagram photo sharing app for iPhones and Android phones has been around for a few years, but is still considered fairly new in the social networking world. And with the release of the new web profiles for Instagram accounts, I thought it was time to introduce getting started with Instagram for your business.

First, always remember that it’s a mobile app.

Instagram is designed to share photos that have been taken with a camera on your mobile phone. Posting photos to your instagram can only be done from a mobile device that supports it, and there are ways to take photos from a higher quality camera and post them to your instagram account, but it’s advised not to, as people are expecting quick cameraphone shots. More Information »

12 Reasons You Should Be Involved in Social Media

I know the battle that as a home improvement contractor you may have with getting involved with social media, but regardless if you use our social media management program, or do it yourself, here are just a few reasons you should be doing social media on a daily basis. If you need assistance, simply go back to our 3-3 Plan series, which will help you as well. Listed below are the reasons your home improvement company, regardless if you are a plumber or a custom home builder, why you should be doing social media every day:

  1. By communicating with your customers on a daily basis you are showing that you care about them
  2. Awareness! Staying in touch with your clients is important
  3. Your company can benefit  from establishing an open forum for customer feedback
  4. Communication! Tell your clients your message, your services, advice them about home improvements, announce changes and display latest projects
  5. You know that your existing clients are more likely to use you again and refer other people.
  6. Feature one of your clients or a successful project or testimonial. This shows gratitude for having such wonderful customers and how well your services fulfill their needs
  7. Distinguishing your business from your competitors is beneficial
  8. It is beneficial to be seen as an expert in your industry
  9. Educated and informed customers make better customers
  10. Periodically advertise a promotion or special on your social media pages
  11. Retention! Through social media, your clients are reminded to purchase your services again in the future
  12. Promote and highlight your referral program

    So make sure that throughout this year that your marketing plan consists of something that deals with social media and you will see the benefits for your company.

    Social Media For The Anti-Social Contractor: Part IV – Who Is Managing This Ship?

    When it comes to social media management, it is very important to have one person in the office manage the overall management of your social media. That is not to say to have everyone contribute, but one individual should manage the overall of your social media strategy.  Find someone in your office that is:

    • Already using social media on a daily basis. You know the person. That person that posts their kids photos, comments on every news article and TV show.
    • They should have a positive and optimistic personality
    • Have 30 minutes or more a day to dedicate to your social media program
    • Have complete understanding of your company missions, services, products and customer service procedures

    The person who manages your social media does not have to be the owner of the company, or head of marketing, but they should be someone you can trust.  They should be able to engage with people who post on your social media sites, as well as contribute to local pages and provide responses on their pages in order to generate interaction. More Information »