4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

When work is slow and leads aren’t rolling in, it’s time to re-assess your marketing campaigns. While there is a TON of science and art behind what makes websites perform, marketing work, and people tick, it’s worth your time to complete a review of your marketing efforts to find any simple fixes. Try to see your promotional efforts through the point of view of a potential client, who doesn’t have the industry knowledge that you have. Whether it’s your website, business cards, flyers, or truck wrap, take a moment to look your marketing with fresh eyes. Here are four reasons your marketing isn’t working.

Reason #1: ITS UGLY

Young couple internet surpriseHumans are visual creatures. We’ve evolved to use our eyes to find pleasing patterns and be alerted by stark contrast. And while beauty is by-and-large a subjective matter, there are some rules we can play by. Overall, marketing design should follow basic themes and have continuity across all platforms, creating a brand identity. You shouldn’t have one logo for your Facebook page, a different logo for your web site, and a different logo on your business card. There are no magic colors that just “perform better” or “make people click more” – If there were, all websites would look the same (and then the trick wouldn’t work anymore anyways). Well crafted designs use complementary colors for most of your design, and use contrasting colors for important information like a call to action. Speaking of CTA…


It happens to the best of us when we’re not actively thinking about design – Like billboards where the only call to action is a huge QR code, or websites and print marketing with no direct call to action at all. On the flip side of things, you don’t want to use bright buttons with contrasting colors all over your design, or have too many options for action. This ultimately causes visual overstimulation and confusion. When presented with too many options or unclear CTAs, people lose focus. A few simple call to action “buttons” in a contrasting color, written in first person (like “Schedule My Consultation” or “Get My Free Quote” instead of “Start Your Estimate Process”) will work wonders.


no-contact-infoWhether it is a billboard you’re passing at 50mph or an emergency repair service web site, you need to create easy avenues for clients to contact you for service. Offer multiple ways to contact you. If an insomniac is up late looking at kitchen remodeling options and wants more information, they’re going to want to email you or fill out a form. If a homeowner’s pipes have just burst, they’re going to make a fast phone call. Maintaining up-to-date contact information is also good for your web site ranking.


Social media marketing can be great, but only if you have a fan base with whom to communicate. A website highly optimized for snow plowing service in Bergen, North Dakota won’t be effective (considering the town has a population of 7). Focus your marketing efforts where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. At the same time, don’t cast so wide a net that your marketing efforts get too diluted to have an impact.

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Chris Lonergan is the President of Footbridge Media.

With a background in web design, print design, and online marketing, Chris is focused on providing quality marketing and business solutions in the construction and service industries - helping small business owners to more efficiently manage their company and grow their operations.

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