Google Authorship – Footbridge Media Marketing Minute

authorship-pageWell it’s Friday again, and that means another FBMM as we’re calling them. And this week, we’re talking about Google Authorship.

Setting up Google Authorship on your website or blog can help your Google rankings by giving more credibility to the author of the content on your site.

If you’ve done some Google searches and have seen little profile photos next to some search results, that’s one of the things that setting up Google Authorship gives you. Now, as you could’ve guessed, it’s good to set this up, as that photo next to your link will draw more attention to your website than your competitors.

Watch the video below to learn more, and go here to get Authorship set up on your website. And if you’re part of our marketing program let us know how we can assist you in getting this up and running for your website.

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Chris Lonergan is the President of Footbridge Media.

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